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laughinglad wrote at 2009-01-28 21:12:05
well the guy above posted a scientific guess, but personally I don't think that. If you are or you have been smelling smoke recently it's a sign that a spirit, more preferably, a demon may be around. The smell of smoke when there is nothing smoking around is accoustumed with the idea of a spiritual battle about to take place, Also, have you had any headaches recently???

This as well along with the smoke points to a possible demon.

Rob wrote at 2009-02-10 04:39:52
I'm 22 and my mom is 48, we are the only 2 in our family to have this ability to smell a smoke from time to time, sometimes its strong and sometimes it's faint. Our household has been smoke free for 10+ years; the furniture has all been replaced and we don't have any rug carpet in our home. My belief on the subject has to do with it being someone who has passed on coming around, it's their way of letting you know they are there, I know very few believe in "ghosts" and try to rely on science alone to explain things but keeping an open mind never hurts, just my onion, as far as getting rid of the smell I can't help you, your just going to have to get used to it, there isn't anything that you can do that I'm aware of.[/

Larry Bell wrote at 2009-04-27 22:59:59
I am adding the truth that I also smell cigarette smoke and nobody smokes in my apartment (which is only five years old).  So the questioner is not crazy.  Perhaps it is some kind of spirit because my wife and daughter do not smell it.  Additionally, I quit smoking in December 1976!!  Larry Bell - Carrollton, Texas

Dwayne Andrus wrote at 2009-07-05 13:01:33
I too have experienced the smell of cigarette smoke inside of my home. Nobody here smokes and I don't allow smoking on my property.I have lived here for the past fifteen years and at least once or twice a month I'll pick up the smell of cigarette smoke. It kind of catches you off guard and when you try to determine where it comes from it is gone as quick as it came. Not only me but everyone in my household has had this experience. There is nothing paranormal that I have noticed aside from hearing a loud noise like somebody slammed a door. This rarely occurs and does not coincide with the smoke smell but is still unexplained. I did find out that the previous owners were an elderly couple of which the man of the house was a smoker and did die in the house. I find this curious but still need to see a ghost to believe.

Wildpony61 wrote at 2009-07-13 04:29:50
I have recently started to smell cigarette smoke, never had this happen before. I read it can be stressed caused, I am going through a divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure, so yeah i am under some stress. I think it could also be the spirit of my deceased foster mom who died of cancer around 1972, she smoked all the time. I have never forgotten her and I pray to her all the time, I think she is my gaurdian angel. Anyway, this smoke smell is not real strong but it is anoying. So I read it could be medical such as lobe siezure, stress, phantom odors...but really no one answer....just hope it stops someday.

sarah jane wrote at 2009-11-22 03:28:43
try burning sage and put holy water on every entry way in your home. Also comand the spirit to leve and demand whos boss. if this doesnt work then call paranormal investigators.

melina66 wrote at 2010-12-01 23:29:53
HI i am experiencing the same smells of cigarette smoke, but mine is following me around at home at work and wherever i go, I have actually asked a workmate (a non-smoker like myself, i gave up almost 2 years ago)to smell my clothes to see if she could smell it, but she cant. since quitting smoking the smell turns me sick, so it is currently driving me potty .

Sceptic wrote at 2010-12-03 22:11:01
I have lived in our present house in Glasgow for the last three years, and have smelt cigarette smoke in the night, no one is a smoker. I then searched the house looking for an intruder smoking or a fire. Then thought perhaps it was my teenage son, but no. It happened again some months later and I immediately went to his room and he was fast asleep. It is a terraced house and the foot steps that I have heard on the stairs and along the corridor I have always attributed to the next door neighbors, but am now not so sure as the noise does seem to be in the house. My girl friend who I have not mentioned this too has recently had experience of a shadow in the hall that she talked to, thinking it was me, then when I answered from the sitting room it was enough for her to mention as weird. At the first showing of the Harry potter film with my 8 year old son Harry a large Owl swooped down over our car as we left the car park. My second son is convinced that we think similar things at the same time. I still get up to check the smoke smell in the night when it happens as it could be a real fire and i do keep my smoke alarm checked regularly. Spooked sometimes! - more similar stuff happens to me regularly, lights going on / off, watches stopping, telephone stuff etc etc - weird, may the force be with you.

steph wrote at 2010-12-10 02:30:40
I am having teh same issue with the cig. smoke. I smell it in my room all teh time and it has only started about a week ago. Nobody near me smokes in my neighborhood. I have checked everywhere for the source with no luck. As far as the vent I even have that off. Nobody else can smell it but me. The smoke smell at times is so strong that my eyes burn and throat gets dry and sore as if i was really around a smoke filled room.  

tex wrote at 2011-07-21 14:37:34
I was like so many of  you and smelling cigarette smoke.  It became so strong that my co-workers were asking me if I was smoking.  At that time I had been smoke-free for 5 years.  Approximately two weeks after I started smelling the smoke I was assaulted by my then boyfriend in my house where the smoke smell was the heaviest.  The assault was horrible and there were spiritual things that happened during the assault that saved my life. I did have a near death experience during the assault.  At first I thought it was my grandfather coming around to protect me because at the same time I was smelling the smoke I had a over-whelming feeling of impending doom. But now I wonder if it was something more menacing. I had to sell the house because of all the bad memories.  I will experience the cigarette smoke smell from time to time.  I say a prayer and it goes away. I don't know what it is. Freaks me out though.

metroccfd wrote at 2012-01-22 17:08:55
FOR 3 YEARS.  After extensive MRI's, CAT Scans, sinus surgeries, X-Rays....It turns out to be ALLERGIES!  I smelled smoke for 3 years.  At first it wasn't odd since I am a fireman.  So I discounted it.  Up until I transferred to a specialty station that no longer handles structure fires.  Maybe the smell was stuck in my turnout gear?  Nope, Got new gear issued to me and there it was again.  So off to specialists I go.  In short, an over the counter allergy medication known as fexofenadine (ALLEGRA) without the pseudoephidrine, solved everything!   I just so happened to borrow some from my engineer when I forgot my traditional/antihistamine medication of choice (Claritin & Zyrtec).  I tried all other allergy meds in the past and over looked the Allegra stuff due to the cost and the ignorance that "all allergy and sinus meds are the same".  Well it took a couple of doses for me to realize that I no longer smelled the smoke.  After my second dose, I could almost time it to when the smoke smell would start to come back.  In the beginning, I smelled a campfire-like smoke along with the burning eyes.  After the fexofenadine, the smoke smell morphed to cigarette-like smell then ultimately to paper or lint-like burning smell.  After 6 days of taking the allergy meds, the smell of burning has gone away.  I can still sense when the medication is wearing down, when I start to smell a hint of smell like a hot dry summer day.  DRINK A BUNCH OF WATER on this stuff.  Not saying that this is the cure, since I don't dare discontinue taking the allegra yet.  However, it has given me back my sanity. The guys at work razzed me about it for years saying it was my brain cells spontaneously combusting!  I hope this info helps someone.  I would try each med until I found the one that worked.  I imagine that each of us have a different reaction to the various OTC allergy meds, name brand to generic.  Give it a shot!  I CAN FINALLY SMELL THE ROSES!!!

Channy wrote at 2012-06-16 18:02:47
I have been noticing a strong cigarette smell in my room. I have also been noticing a "spicy" smell. My family had just moved in here a few weeks ago and these smells started coming a week after. A few months ago,we had received the news that the former resident had passed away in the house from smoking. So I'm wondering if that's the case.

Colleen wrote at 2013-01-11 09:17:05
I have been smelling cigarette smoke too for a about a year or so.  It comes and goes  Sometimes it is in the family room, sometimes it is in the kitchen.  I smelled it tonight and started coughing.  It was between 3-3:30 at night.  The smell was so strong.  I thought maybe someone was standing outside the window smoking.  I also thought it was spirits because people I know have passed that smoked.  We do not smoke and the people in the house before us didn't smoke.  What scares me is that someone said that it might be a demon on a post earlier.  My daughter has been getting bad headaches and the tension in our house is terrible.  It is so weird.  Sometimes I smell it in my car but mostly in the house.  

johnrv501 wrote at 2013-07-15 06:56:53
I have been experiencing the smell of cigarette smoke in different rooms of my house that my wife does not detect. I have been nicotine free for almost 13yrs now. This just began within the past couple weeks. Being a recovering smoker, I have prided myself of my keen sense of smell. When riding a motorcycle I can smell various kinds of smoking from vehicles on the road around me, even on the highway. I can also smell cig smoke if I am outside and my neighbors are smoking out in their yards. Smelling cigarette smoke INSIDE my house up until recently was non existent. The only thing that has happened in my life that could put a spiritual thought to it, is the passing of my 28yr old middle child who died in a single car accident a little over a month ago. She was a smoker. My father died many many years ago, he too was a smoker, but this phenomena never occurred until recently. My daughter was first to come to mind when I started smelling it more more. I just really find it interesting. After I finally quit smoking for the last time almost 13yrs ago, I didn't become a cig smoke hater, so the smell isn't really annoying, just interesting. I was somewhat surprised that when I decided to research I found I was far from being alone! Which makes it that much more interesting to say the least....

snagglepuss wrote at 2014-03-03 22:19:46
My ex-husband died 6 months ago. We weren't exactly friends at the time; in fact he didn't even attent our daughter's graduation last year, because I was going to be there. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I began smelling tobacco smake in an otherwise smoke-free house- sometimes strong, sometimes faint. I believe there is a possiblility that my ex- a smoker- is trying to make his peace with me, which I feel rather comforting. I ask him to cool it when it gets too strong! There has also been a proliferation of white feathers around, which also may indicate the presence of spirits. I may contact a spiritualist/ clairvoyant at some point, in case he is trying to contact me for a specific reason.  

shiningforHim37 wrote at 2014-03-29 13:57:57
Prayer is Key! Look to Him to heal, remove & deliver so that your joy may be full!  I have been praying for my 14yr old, who is rebellious & the bible teaches us that rebellion is as witchcraft. Yesterday I was praying most of the day for my son & for God to change him & open his eyes to the pattern of his behaviors & who's behind it. My son use to be full of life. Lately he is angry, bitter. I picked him up from school & we came home to the smell of burning fire wood. I started to scream & looking for it after checking every room, basement & outside. It was so real the scent was so strong but nothing. The fire smell was only in my sons room & my son smelled it too. The Lord allowed me to understand the this was a spiritual thing & my son understood. Hell is real & demonic forces do exists. Just like Lucifer was cast down for disobedience into the pit, my sons eyes were open about his behavior. Last month he had smelled vomit in his room but there was no vomit. I believe The Lord allows us to smell spiritual things so that we can ExamineOpen our eyes & make changes in our lives to better our lives, to help us, reveal danger & things in our lives that could weigh us down! Knowledge is power. Ephesians chap 5 & 6:

doll wrote at 2014-12-07 03:12:49
I do believe  it a spiritual  thing in smelling smoke.

Kerrijane wrote at 2015-04-02 02:10:12
I am experiencing the smoke smell with me constantly. At first it was driving me crazy. But now I believe it is a spirit with me. And have been told by a psychic that it is a spirit.  It has been with me now for three weeks ever since my son went overseas to travel for a few months.  I smell it nearly all day and night and at times it has given me headaches too.  But it's here for good not evil :)

Kerri.  Bondi.  

Juancho wrote at 2016-08-15 00:42:46
I have the same experience.  I smell smoke around me.  It all started a couple of years while renting an apartment. I though it was the ventilation system, but the smoke followed my at work.  The smell lasted from one to tow months.

This past week the smoke smell started for the third time.  I have sensed similar things like the ones posted.  I heard a voice yelling this past week.  I though it was my wife, but she confirmed it was not her.  While in bed i heard bangs on the roof a couple of different times.  i do know it is a spirit and not parosmia.  Whether it is good or bad, i'm not sure yet.  I will try prayers and holy water.

Thank you all for your postings.  i feel better to know i'm not going crazy and this is something other people feel.

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