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deanyboy wrote at 2010-03-24 10:07:46
Hi there, my son and I have being seeing spirit orbs for nearly a year now. There has always been paranormal things happen around me but I'll concentrate on telling you about the orbs. The first orb that I ever noticed appeared in front of myself, my daughter and my youngest son. It was quite late at night. It just appeared out of nowhere directly above our TV. It was completely solid, bright red and glowed without reflecting light. It honestly looked like a solid object. It was about 12" to 14" in diameter. It moved and vibrated very quickly staying within the area of the TV. It was the most wonderful sight. It lasted about a minute and it just disappeared as though someone had put a pin in a bubble. There was no sound. My son and I have experienced about twenty since then of varying sizes and colors. The next largest one appeared in our kitchen and was bright yellow and glowed like the first and was just slightly smaller. It was floating mid air as we went in and then just shot through the floor at great speed and disappeared. They have appeared in my bedroom and bathroom as-well the last one being two nights ago. It was in my bathroom and was bright blue but only about 4" it floated slowly from the wall past my window moving slowly and disappeared. There have been too many to mention them all here but the size has varied as has the transparency ans speed. One in my bedroom was yellow but less solid and the speed it was moving was so fast it was leaving a trail behind and was kinda blurred. We have seen white, yellow, red and multi colored(the hues of the rainbow)and blue. It seems to me the more solid they are the more energy they have and I am sure they only allow themselves to be seen if they wish to. I believe these orbs are spirit energy wanting you to know they are there. They could be known to you or not. I have NEVER felt threatened, I have only ever felt comfort, peace and watched over and I'm sure this was there intention. I also have photo's with orbs with faces in them, and a photo of myself with a very strange mist with a light within it and a retriever puppy behind me(i don't own such a dog though I did years ago)My son has also seen the apparition of a little girl running through our hallway, the morning after I heard a young child shouting mum, mum three times. I don't know if this is connected to the child that I lost but I like to think so. We can also be sitting on our at night and we can hear whispering in the room. The list goes on and on. But no matter what I would take comfort from them and know that they mean no harm. They have taken the time and energy to appear before you regardless of their color, perhaps they didn't want to alarm you with color straight away, watch and see if they change the more you believe and the less you fear. I think you are lucky!  

stephen wrote at 2012-04-11 01:44:22
i see them to shadows i would call them. dont worry i had it when i was a child. so shadows are spirits they move very quickly and sometime stand in light where there is no shadows casting. they do not harm anyone i never seen them do such. more spirt or watchers . but i am seeing less of them now.  

liz wrote at 2013-04-10 19:52:47
this is not an answer... I just wanted to say I have been on the Internet to se if anyone has had an experience like mine... I was sitting on the couch looking up at the ceiling just thinking trying to relax because I have a hard time relaxing ... and I seen a dot on the ceiling just sitting there I don't understand how I notice it because it had no color to it really just a different shade than the ceiling and then it started to move and comes towards me and any other time something like that would put fear in me but I had really no feelings about it at all I just watched it move toward me and then it got right above me and then I watched it drop right into my eye then a piece of the popcorn ceiling crumbled and fell right on to my cheek.... so far no one has had a similar experience and I am so curious because whatever it was the fact that it did not scare me is just so very significant to me.  

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