Paranormal Phenomena/phantom clock


Kirsty1990 wrote at 2010-12-29 23:20:51
This sounds very similar to my experience. I've never known what this is. I used to lie awake petrified as a child screaming for my parents cuz I thought there was a bomb in my bedroom or something but no one else throughout the past 15 years has heard it. Ticking doesn't make me think of anything I don't have deadlines and I'm very confused by it. It's fast than normal ticking clock sounds sometimes there's more than one set of ticking and it moves around. I don't own a watch I have no ticking clocks in my home. But everytime I hear the ticking it makes me feel anxious n on edge. I've tried talking to the ticking out of frustration and I heard it move past me to another area. It's nice to know i'm not the only one who has heard noises similar but I'm still in search of answers.  Kirsty x

Diana wrote at 2011-02-17 12:56:12
I am so glad that I found this material about ticking paranormal noise. I must tell you that I am from Romania .I have the same problem when we bought an old house...the same ticking noise who is coming from nowhere...was not a halucination because also my mother and my father hear this.Anyway I must tell you that I was not afraid of this thing... it was something normal to hear it after a time ...I dont have an answer ...after a few years I move myself in to another town at 200 killometre away and I hear the sound also in my new house...When I look in the direction where I hear it, the sound is moving throught the air without being able to detect the source who could produce the strange was something strange...but I am so glad that it was somebody like me who have the same experience...

Charlie mac wrote at 2012-03-01 23:48:27
Hi all. When I was younger I also heard this ticking noise in my old bedroom at my parents house. It sounded like a very loud watch but the ticking would have been faster than 1 tick per second. More like 2 ticks per second. I used to try and find the source when I heard it thinking there was a watch buried in the wall or somewhere. As soon as I thought I was getting close to where the noise seemed the loudest it would change source and seem to be coming from another part of the room. This could go on for about 5 to 10 mins. Then the ticking would stop and it could be weeks or months before I would hear it again. I did,nt find it creepy or annoying just fustrating that I couldn't find the source. Anyway, that was back when I was around 10 or 11years of age. I am 36 now and have not heard it for a long time.

Limabeantga wrote at 2013-01-15 09:15:44
I hear it 23 .i use to hear it when i was younger but no1 knew wht it was.and i hvnt heard it in ages until now. The past few days it becoming more and more around.ive heard it 5 likes in the last hour..wht is this starting to freak out

Rayne wrote at 2013-06-30 18:05:43
I've heard this before. A sound like a ticking clock. I've heard it multiple times, sometimes in different places. All of those times have usually been within a month of each other. I don't know what it could be though. No one else has complained of it, so it may be just me or they don't care about it.

Ruffryder wrote at 2013-12-29 06:26:21
The same here, I'm a 15 year old boy from South Africa , i heard this ticking sound from the age of 12 at first i was afraid but now am use to it, and i cant find the source anywhere.

Rewi wrote at 2014-02-20 22:05:48
When I was a teenager I rented a house from the grandson of the man who built it. He said his grandfather built bombs for the IRA and he may have left a bomb in the house "but don't worry about it"!  The house ticked regularly and the more people who listened the louder it got - and then more ticking could be heard from all over the house (when we had a party it was everywhere and very loud - even with the water, power and gas turned off!). Many people heard it and nobody ever found the source. Sometimes  When you get close it moves to another place in the room or to another room.

Years later (in my 30s) it started in a house that I owned and it has reappeared in every house I have owned since. It is fast and very clock like - when you put your ear very close to the source it sounds just like an old fashioned clock mechanism (the speed can vary). Nobody has ever identified the source or managed to explain it. It happens irregularly now but is in my kitchen right now.

Crackmaster wrote at 2014-03-06 21:28:53
hey i am GLAD that i found this... i had same experience about 14 - 17 years of my life... i used to sleep at my parents room during winter and i remember (i'm now 26) that just befor i was fall asleep - i was hearing that noise - like stopwatch is ticking.. i am CERTAIN that there was NO working mechanical clocks in that room (i often pulled out one clock from closet that was buried long time ago because it DIDNT WORK) and i was scared a bit...  i had same experience many times, even in nature (always at night and always before getting sleep). Now, i will tell you a bit about my further experiences in order to warn you for any possible stuff that can happen to you (once again, this was my experience so keep that in mind):

sleep paralysis 14 - 20 years

Moon Walking 9 - 16 years

easily offensive 20 - present

Anxiety disorder 24 - present

Anxiety all over the place - my disorder transforming from form to form... i'm often dizzy, if not dizzy then my heard beat like crazy, if not heart then i had some form of fear in presence... but i learned to live with it =o) hope this helps someone, cheers :)

norm wrote at 2014-05-12 10:40:58
Really glad I found this. Whem I was little I grew up in a haunted house. Always at night in my toom mostly but would follow me around was a ticking sound like a clock but slightly faster. When ever I would get close to the source it would movd to another random location. You could head it leave and enter the room on its on and through walls. Scince we moved from that house I have heard it on and off. I am now 37 and it has been years since I heard it but last night and tonight it wont stop. My wife thinks im crazy as she foesnth hear it. When I was growing up lots of people in the house heard it too. But only around me. It is starting to freak me out. I live in New Zealand.

Bolivar wrote at 2014-08-25 14:50:26
I heard a similar noise all through my childhood, fast like a watch but loud as a clock. It eventually went but I still don't know what it was but very frightening.

Zippaloo wrote at 2014-11-23 09:23:03
This scary ticking noise has distrubted my family for years now and frightens my 6 year old sister and me. 12 years old and have been curious for many years. Right now its in my room ticking away. I can comunicate with it. Did anyone know that? I tick a bit and then it stops and ticks back and goes on forever nearly every night I'm not sure what it is and have been worrying that its a bomb stuck in here by the builders or something. Its in different rooms all over the house. When I first heard it I freaked, but now, its sorta just becoming normal. Its one of the many things I've had to live with.. Please if anyone happens to find out what they are tell us

ngapuhi nz wrote at 2015-01-14 21:44:19
I have clocks and ticking that is all part of an old family tradition that is as old as the hills I am a Maori from Nz and our family tradition was when a loved one passed away you would put a watch in the grave to signify time basically a "time me till we meet again" so that is how we know a loved one has come to visit or to warn us of a coming death in the family or  an event that is going to happen we are unawear of we tell this by the different speeds and the feeling you get from the ticking I have been hearing this clock since I was 12 years old I used to be terrified of it coz I was never educated about it til I was much older I am now 27 and have learnt how to deal with it such as letting them know I know they are there thanking them for visiting letting them know they can leave and if they didn't I would remove myself from The room and distract my mind from over thinking and making myself vulnerable coz that's when I noticed my mind would start making things happen when nothing is happening at all if that makes sense I was never taught by my dad who is the side of my family it comes from he was terrified of it as he too was uneducated I would hear him late at night swearing his head off me being a kids always thought mum and dad were arguing to find out later on he was swearing to make them go away but now I realise and understand what that might have felt like the family tradition placing of the watch in the grave has long died out but we still hear ticking deep within The family and this is what I will pass to my children so they are not vulnerable as I was as a kid I was 12 when I had my first experience I was lying in bed with my sisters in the room we grew up in a house that had no power in a remote rural area we lived in the family homestead and it was dark and I had been asleep for a while I had woken up with a terrified feeling in my chest I sat up and could hear a faint ticking noise I knew wasn't our clock we had a grandfather clock but this clock was like a picket watch the fast ticking I called out to mum and the phone rang as I was calling out (you dont need power for a phone Lol) then I herd her wailing in the lounge and knew instantly something was wrong found out that night a family member had passed call it coincidence but every time someone close to me passes that is always the feeling I get hope this helps or gives an insight of different experiences from different beliefs.

answerfoundnz wrote at 2015-02-19 10:14:10
Thank you ngapuhinz i am also in nz and my great grandmother was maori (nga puhi) and my great grandfather was pakiha. I have been searching for an answer to this ticking for years and your answer is the only one i feel that i understand and believe. Tonight is the first time i had looked at my great grandmothers photo in a very long time and the first time i did e search about the ticking involving maori in it.

T wrote at 2015-03-22 14:57:41
I found out that the ticking sounds is coming from termites.

Luchy wrote at 2015-04-13 08:01:12
I'm from Guatemala and I hear that sound too. it start when I was 7 I think. I remember that I tried to find the clock but nothing. I moved to a new house and today at the age of 22 the clock is back.

The Big Kahuna wrote at 2015-04-26 00:19:44
The ticking sound that people here is actually the sound of blood rushing through the arteries/veins near your ears. If you can measure your pulse whilst hearing the ticking you should find it is the same

nonalola wrote at 2015-05-03 15:53:14
I used to hear a ticking sound across my room. I followed the sound to my drawer and my old watch was in there ticking away. I don't know how I could hear it so clearly. So a few months ago I was hearing it again so I searched for it to stop the sound and I found it, but the watches battery had already died. Probably months before I started hearing it regularly agaim.

Marilyn wrote at 2015-10-16 22:11:31
Hi I'm too hearing the sound of a ticking clock and my husband can hear it too also my 14 year old daughter can hear it ,it's driving all of us crazy .weve heard it in the bathroom ,kitchen and mostly in the bedroom but also my daughter said she could hear it in her bedroom and says the same as me that the sound is in the walls I've even had my ear at the wall to listen but it would move around the bedroom. I haven't got a clock in my bedroom apart from an electric clock that doesn't tick ,I'm even having nightmares and waking screaming ,I'm glad someone else is hearing the same tick tock noise and yes it does get louder and faster then stops ,it seams to be listening itself because when we talk about it or get close to the sound it stops or moves around ,I know I am a bit sensitive and I do feel spirits when close to me ,my arms go all goose bumpy and a chill in the air would be around me what is the ticking sound meaning please can any body tell me is it a spirit and why is time running out for me is life coming to an end is my biological clock ticking so loud others can hear it ,please can any one answer me please I thank you in atisapation for a logical answer  

lisa wrote at 2016-09-10 10:40:20
In mu country is a mit about this. It is said that every house got a white snake in the walls...the snake of the house or the clock of the house. ..he protect the house and when he is moving around make that sound. ..when i was a child my grandma gave me milk to feed him because this kind of snakes eat or.drink milk...and if u kill him you atract bad things... I know someone who killed his house snake and week his house was on fire. ..i heard that they have baby snake  and the number of babu snakes are equal with the number of people who live in the house. ..and they live in the wall what have more life.:in my house lives just to persons and the  clock sound comes from the comun wall of this two rooms where we stay...idk if is true  ...but i saw the snake when i was little

lisa wrote at 2016-09-10 10:40:27
In mu country is a mit about this. It is said that every house got a white snake in the walls...the snake of the house or the clock of the house. ..he protect the house and when he is moving around make that sound. ..when i was a child my grandma gave me milk to feed him because this kind of snakes eat or.drink milk...and if u kill him you atract bad things... I know someone who killed his house snake and week his house was on fire. ..i heard that they have baby snake  and the number of babu snakes are equal with the number of people who live in the house. ..and they live in the wall what have more life.:in my house lives just to persons and the  clock sound comes from the comun wall of this two rooms where we stay...idk if is true  ...but i saw the snake when i was little

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