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Amagi wrote at 2011-07-10 20:26:25
Well met,

I too have always seen spirits as well as Wee Folk and doorways opening and closing. I am usually able to determine if there is a positive or negative intent/energy associated with the spirits I see and have cleansed many homes. Recently, I have seen one of these grey, cloaked spirits and so have my wife (who generally just feels them) and our middle daughter (12 yrs) who also sees and feels spirits regularly (sometimes she hears them as well).

My wife and I both saw one manifest next to us in the public library at the same time. Our daughter felt the energy between her and our oldest daughter in the van which caused her to look to see who was there. She described the energy as neither warm nor cold but neutral. This is the same feeling/impression both my wife and I got when we saw the figure in the library.

They seem to be observers more than anything else.

Also, recently, two family members have seen some very tall, hairy, dark figures walking around. The first, our oldest daughter (18 yrs) saw one while we were visiting a sacred spring in our area, it was significantly taller than the 8 - 10 foot wife and I heard something very large moving through the brush and breaking branches as we walked up to the van several minutes later.

That was on June 25, 2011.

Last night, July 9, 2011, around 10:00 pm CST, our middle daughter saw something white fly across the moon, when she looked down she saw "a tall dark furry, almost ape looking, figure that was taller than a street sign" in the local library parking lot where we were parked enjoying the cool night air and a late dinner. Not much later, our middle son (11 yrs and not prone to seeing/feeling/hearing things of this nature), caught a dark bearded figure sitting in a baggy shirt and shorts sitting in the driver's seat of the van tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, out of the corner of his eye....

Interesting goings on lately, did not sense or feel positive or negative intent/energy from these figures either....

Anyone else seeing these types beings?

Razell wrote at 2013-03-10 17:55:59
When I was about four years old I remember seeing, four, light grey humanoids, like small children, about 3 feet tall each.  They were shorter than me and called themselves (telepathically) "Die Wone" (Afrikaans for "The Wone" - pronounced "Vooneh")  Before I turned five "The Wone" turned to legless shadows, lurking in dark places, sometimes following me around.  I can't seem to figure out if they were imaginary friends or some real entities.  They were playing outside my parents apartment, near the woods and did seem quite malevolent.  My father had two stables there.  A horse and a cow stayed in each of them.  Usually when my father went to milk the cow I came along.  We never went into the woods, except on one occasion when the horse broke away.  Running after the horse, angrily calling it's name, with me in his arms, my dad entered the woods.  After a while he caught the horse.  By then my dad had already put me down several feet away.  Whispers came from the wind blowing through the leaves from the trees behind me, away from us, deeper into the woods.  I turned around and saw a small figure staring at me, waving in the distance.  Blinding light came from the horizon behind his silhouette making him seem to disappear when the light faded away completely.  Daddy did'nt seem to notice anything.  From that day forward these visitors came closer and more frequently, or perhaps I only became acutely aware of them since then.  They did not have prominent facial features, but I definitely saw a long slit where the mouth should be, when one of them smiled at me. He communicated in a telepathic manner.  I vaguely remembered two black eyes, disclosing their

purpose.  I know this might sound like typical grey aliens, but I'm not convinced of that at all. "The Wone" were bulky, not slender, resembling something between a child completely and tightly wrapped in a smokey, or slightly shaded plastic sheet or a small mummy of sorts.  Most of the time they weren't solid manifestations, although on occasions they were.  Apparently they enjoyed their duty, to watch over me, especially if it meant harming someone who hurts me.  Pushing any culprit infront of a car, or of some stairway would be fun.  Anything resembling them freaked me out completely.  Our neighbours' son "Siebert" made a snowman near my bedroom window when it snowed in 1982 in South-Africa.  I refused to sleep in my bedroom, because the snowman reminded me of them.  Even when I saw "Siebert" completely covered with newspapers, wrapped around his face and body for a school concert one day, it gave me the most horrific scare I had up until then.

My dear parents refered to my "wonders" meaning my "wonderful imagination" everytime I told them my "Wone" will take care of them when they seemed worried.

Years later I figured they might be some sort of elemental and that I actually stopped seeing them after I got vaccinated between the ages of five and six.  In other respects they are similar to shadow people, but smaller, more solid and grey.  Stranger still, because of a very intimate, lucid dream I had, I recently recalled seeing my beautiful guardian angel (or elflike elemental, as I prefer to call him) with them once or twice, standing a few feet behind them, those many years ago.

I don't know if he was their superior, or if he perhaps kept them from scaring me any further.

I know my guardian angel or spirit guide was a human person I knew in a previous life, although I've heard angels were never human on many occasions.  I can't explain it, but I firmly believe some might have been once, like Enoch who became Metatron.  As I've mentioned before, I do feel absolutely confident in applying and interchangeably using the terms "lower angel" or "elflike elemental," as both terms describe my "guardian angel" accurately. In my very vivid dream he appeared with an electromagnetic, violet aura, which can be interpreted as wings and a halo.  I wish I knew what the connection between "the Wone" and my "guardian angel" might be. Eight years ago, at the age of 27, I recalled having vivid flashbacks of people and places I never new.  They were like bits and pieces of an enormous puzzle.  These memories and past experiences completely faded away by the time I became five years old.  

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