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Paranormal Phenomena/White light & spritual visitation


ANGEL wrote at 2011-02-08 00:49:46
Hi There,

I was the caregiver for my mother before she passed away.  We were in her room one morning and all the window shades were drawn.  Within her room there was a huge flash of bright white light as if the universe was taking our picture, we bith stopped and asked each other "what was that??"  It was so strange. I checked and there were no lights on that could have blown.  I feel it was paranormal as we were experiencing many issues at that time.  I would frequently her 3 knocks on the outside of the house and when checking no one was there and the yard gates were locked. We would also hear a clock chiming that sounded as if it were coming from the living room and when I would go out there it would happen again and my mom said its out there and I said no its in your room.  The strange part was we didn't own a clock that made a sound like that.  She passed shortly after and since then No more knocking and no more white lights or clocks chiming.  I feel it was a warning that time was running short.  

William wrote at 2015-02-17 14:59:59
I have two experiences involving spirit lights.

I have had more, but these are more pertinent.

One was when I was at my college girlfriend's home and my spirit left my body when I was very relaxed in front of a fireplace while watching large snowflakes gently drift down outside the living room window.  I was seen as a gold spirit by her and her family members.   So, yes, either by an out of body experience or by a deceased person whose body has not yet left this dimension, one can see someone else's spirit and hopefully, it is a good spirit.

The second light experience, I had been meditating everyday in order to fill my body/soul with white light by imagining I was at the bottom of a hill covered with snow.  I would start an avalanche and then, mentally turn the snow into white light of love.  One day, while not meditating, just drinking coffee and thinking about what I wanted to do at work that day, a huge white light appeared in my living room.  The short version is that we communicated mentally, it was like a huge wave and I was scared.  But it came within an arms length, and it was pure, unconditional love.  And then, it faded away like a railroad track off into the distance.

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