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Austin98072 wrote at 2011-01-23 21:29:30
Hi John,

I too have heard breaking glass but was working in my home office. The difference here is that my step son and I heard it at the same time and it un-nerved us both. It sounded very real and we both looked around the entire office trying to find the source. We never located anything. There were other paranormal experiences in this house and I think this is associated with that type of energy. I have no idea what it means either, but I am now trying to find out.

Deb wrote at 2011-05-15 09:48:59
Then explain how both my husband and I heard shattering glass. We  hav e never found it's source and think of it as a strange occurrence in our lives.

Kimber wrote at 2011-10-15 20:06:34
I too have experienced the broken glass effect.  One day, years ago, I was about to get in car out in driveway.  The neighbor came out and was talking to me, and we heard glass break. I went around the car and checked windows, windshield, rearview mirrors, headlights, etc.  Never found glass anywhere.  We both heard it. It sounded like it came from car.

JL wrote at 2011-11-18 13:45:11
We moved to our house about a year ago. I am open minded enough not to dismiss any strange activities in the house as paranormal. It usually was me who noticed things in places we previously lived. It had always been something going on. In one of the houses I saw a green orbit of light that woke me up.

This time however it started with people (fairly sensitive people) telling us that there is something strange about the house.

Recently we noticed more weird occurrences. As if something was trying to get noticed and the incidents got louder and more frequent. It started off with both me and my husband hearing the glass breaking, we both jumped and checked the house as we were convinced that the source was from close by. We heard it on number of occassions later on but always chose to ignore as unexplained. Next we heard child crying but at a very low volume as almost making us stop to think are we really hearing this.

Lastly one evening we are watching TV and there is this bang coming from the kitchen. I was 100% sure it was my laptop bag that dropped on the floor but it was not everything was untouched. That night I woke up as something was touching my feet.  

What shall we do next?  

Dino wrote at 2015-01-14 01:33:57
Interesting.  I experienced something similar.  Quite some time ago, I lived in an old Victorian Brownstone with 3 roommates. It was a large old house and strange things would happen.  Some of the guys thought it was haunted.  I myself had some weird experiences but the one I could never find a possible alternative explanation for was the shattering glass incident.  My room was in "the penthouse suite" on the third floor.  I was up there doing one thing or another when I heard the distinct and loud sound of shattering glass, like someone dropping a large number of dishes.  I did not hurry down right away, but rather finished what I was doing and then ambled on down some minutes later to see what was going on.  My roommate Mark was in the living room watching television.  "What did you break?"  I asked him.  "What did I break?  I thought you broke something!"  "Well one of the other guys must have broke something, you heard all that glass shattering, right?"  Mark's eyes got a little wider: "The other guys are all out of the house, there's just you and me here."  "Well someone must have come in, who else would break the glass?"  "No, I've been here the whole time, no one came in." So we went out to the kitchen, no broken glass anywhere.  None in the garbage can.  As far as we could tell, no dishes seem to be missing.  We looked around the whole house checking for broken windows and seeing if anyone else was there.  We didn't find anything or anybody.  Weird.  Neither of us had been sleeping, drinking or using any sort of drugs.  We both heard the same thing at the same time and could find no explanation.  The only thing I could think of was that maybe it was a very weird prank on the part of Mark, but that doesn't seem likely to me.  Always made me wonder.

Connie Stinson wrote at 2015-11-06 18:26:18
Last night, we too heard the sound of glass breaking, and no broken glass to be found. My daughter and I were doing schoolwork on her computer in her room, my mom was in the kitchen, and all the animals were sleeping. The sound came from our very tiny hallway. My daughter also heard the sound of paper tearing or fluttering, and she was the only one who heard that...anyway, we are still stumped by that. This home is very haunted, but nothing really scary has happened, and we have been here 20 years. This is a new recent thing. Very interesting!!!

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