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gk808 wrote at 2015-11-11 02:42:49
Hi, I think my answer will be the most sensible. You see, I too have smelled things burning yet others seem not to be able to smell. We are for no better term yet specified, "hyper-sensitive" . Each to our own degree. The first memorable time as an adult I smelled a gaseous odor only in our bedroom. No one else could confirm the smell. It went on for months. I started to think I was not right in the head. It didn't help that those who could not smell it started to think so too. Then, finally, when the gas man came to refill the tank (outside our bedroom window) he asked if we were aware that our tank had a leak. We moved from that house after the fire. About 3 years into our next house, I started smelling plastic burning. Once again, since no one else could smell it, I was made to question my competence. I knew it could not be my imagination because the smell was mostly in my bedroom and when I left the house I did not smell it. The worst part about it was it was making me ill. I could feel a layer of plastic in my nose and down my throat. But since it wasn't affecting anyone else, nothing was done about it. After months of this, I finally broke down and begged my boyfriend, an electrician, to please find that smell. He brought an expensive meter from work to test the air. Nothing registered. I was doomed to be poisoned by invisible forces. Then when flames started shooting out of the plug sockets, he tested the connection to the house and the fluctuations were mind bending. The electric company actually reimbursed us for our losses. We moved when they sold that house. So it's been almost a year that we've been at this current house. It recently flooded and when I asked what the owners were going to do about the black mold growing under the cheap laminate, he asked me "what do you want me to do, rip the whole floor up?" I responded, "I don't know? Is that the procedure for removing black mold?" He said he would have to check and later that evening he told me he would not be renewing our lease and that we would have to be out by the end of December. And now I smell the wires burning again. Along with these black spores we are breathing and eating and the nauseous fumes, my lungs and heart have become sore and labored...even my recall in finding the right words to make sentences has become hard to do. Funny, after Japan's disaster I could smell pennies and could even hear like thousands of little pins falling around me.  In your situation, it could be rodents or roaches getting fried in the wires in the walls. Explaining the intermittences of the smell. Make sure you have some fire extinguishers handy and a good mask. I recommend the Miller LPR-100 respitory protection or something similar. Be safe.

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