Paranormal Phenomena/huge cracking noise


leah wrote at 2013-01-06 09:46:44
Yes this happened to me just last night I was Googling it to see if anyone else has experienced it also it was very startling and I do not want to believe its paranormal but I have also captured what looks like a man's face in a picture I'm beginning to believe my apartment is very haunted :(  

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Wayne Ridsdel


I feel I can answer questions on most aspects of paranormal phenomena. Over the the years I have amassed a comprehensive archive of relevant data, (in excess of 10,000 files) which I can employ to ensure that any answers I give are both accurate and factual as possible. I do, however, confess that I am reluctant to answer questions regarding demonology. This topic can raise several psychological issues which I am not qualified to deal with. I would strongly recommend anyone who is trouble by this topic to seek the help and guidance of an appropriately qualified expert.


I have studied paranormal phenomena for over 30 years. During this time I have been involved in several paranormal investigation teams, which I currently continue to do in the capacity of researcher and historian. I have over 100 articles currently published on the internet on various sites. At the time of this application I am working on a book covering the subjects of cultural belief systems and human spirituality. I am also mid-way through a non-accredited on line course in parapsychology.

I am mainly self taught in fields I claim expertise in. Though I have undergone and passed the tests regarding ethics and professionalism in the organisations I have been involved in.

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