Paranormal Phenomena/Ghosts and Cell Phones?


Greg wrote at 2012-03-21 08:41:58
I am the expert for regarding Ghosts/Hauntings/Parapsychology/Paranormal Activity. The answer you received is not accurate.

Donna wrote at 2012-04-29 00:13:04
I live in north Dallas.I have been having paranormal experiences over the last 2-3 months. I'm convinced I have a friendly ghost living in my house. But that's for another time. I haven't had any activity in the last couple of weeks, and I thought he may have moved on, as I had been telling him to look for the light (yes, I talk to my ghost).  Then today, I was at the coffee shop, reading some documents for work. I began typing an email to my boss. In the middle of composing the email, I went to the ladies room and left my documents and phone on the table (I live in a nice part of town and am a regular at the coffee shop). When I returned, I was stunned to see the name Zachary typed in the email message I was composing. I confirmed with the woman sitting two feet from my table that no one had stopped at my table, which was tucked in the corner of the room. So, to answer your question, I believe that ghosts can leave messages on your phone. But yours is a riddle.


jacz wrote at 2012-12-01 21:11:55
I googled 'can a spirit communicate through a cell phone?' and came across this post. I had a similar experience in August 2012 and still cant believe it. My boyfriends brother shot himself on a Sunday morning through the head. We were all at the hospital that afternoon as he was in a coma and i was texting a friend when the neurosurgeon came in to give his prognosis. About 2 minutes later he left and I had the phone in my hand poised on a empty text box to message my friend the doctors news when I saw that there was a message ALREADY written in the box. My first instinct was to delete it but glad I didnt. It said in perfect spelling and perfect text on my iphone (remember numerals and punctuation are on 2 separate screens and need to be selected...

'How was the only there a tomorrow (in the sun)...where are our lives...and stop this sucks...'

thats it. 3 full stops etc and the word 'sucks' is not a word I have ever used... Explain that one...

Well I say the soul stays with the body in a coma and the 'patient' is able to move around, albeit in a confused state...  love Jacz

Angela wrote at 2014-12-02 16:04:41
Early this morning(1:44 A.M.), I was awaken by dogs barking. I got up to see what may have caused a disturbance, I saw nothing. Heading back to bed I glanced toward my sons room and noticed an old cell phone, that has no service, was lit up and flashing while laying on night stand. I rushed and picked it up, the screen returned to normal.

I returned back to my room and placed the phone on a desk. Fifteen minutes later same thing happened again.

Dogs began to bark then cell phone lit up.

I woke my husband up to confirm what was happening.

Like clock work, fifteen minutes later the screen lit up. My husband got out of bed and picked up the phone. The screen showed media message incoming. He was wanting to view and I insisted not to. He was very curious as to if message. We returned to our slumber cause rest of night was peaceful. Our home is 12 years old, no deaths in house. Cell phone was my old one(@10 yo) that I gave to son to play with.  

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