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friendinChrist wrote at 2013-07-15 23:29:18
I had worst experiences as a young man. The voices were right in my ear. There were even unperturbed nonchalant conversations. These went on any time day or night and I can no longer remember how long they lasted. Church and prayers were to no avail. If my mind had not been strong enough, I would have been insane.

I am not sure exactly why and when that thing disappeared. In retrospect, probably when I changed job and also when I met my girlfriend. My job then was supervisory, boring and required driving through mountains. My new job required a lot of thinking and engineering calculations.

You already have a husband, therefore, this might not be of any good in your paranormal case. Perhaps you should keep busy doing mental activities: Computer and mathematics might be very useful. Jigsaw, scrabble, word puzzles might help.  

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