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Paranormal Phenomena/childhood experiance in seeing apprition/why am I sensing a force/spirit which produces a deep fear inside me,ect


This is going to sound weid but here it goes,When I was 11yrs old,one
night I woke up from sleep feeling a cold,cold chill in my room.As I sat up in bed to pull my blanket up,I looked over to me left and standing or rather floating beside my bed was a pure white,almost fog-like form beside me.It did not have a form like a body,but it's face was destorted,(like a camera out of focus)I froze,and could feel myself almost fainting from the shock of what I was seeing,but before I slipped back into unconciosness,I thought I had seen it trying to
speak to me,because what looked like it's mouth was moving.The very next morning I told my mom what I had seen.Now please keep in mind at that age I knew nothing about ghosts or spirits.My mother looked horrified,knowing what I had told her,about the chill and what I had felt could not of been some childhood imagination.That night my mom took me and her bible into my room and prayed for whatever it was to leave by the power of god.My mother was not a religious person,and it was later in my teens that I finally understood what she was trying to do,and just how serious the situation was.Now I'm 40,and over the past couple of months have been having these feelings,almost like i'm sensing something very negitive,sometimes in my house I can feel this feeling of something very bad,and I can feel it's presents because I suddenly become overwhelmed with this feeling of danger,deep fear,and that feeling I'm not alone here,It's really upsetting and very,very scary.Sometimes my mind tells me:you need to leave,NOW,don't come back to this house.and when I'm sleeping I'll awake and can't move talk,ect,because I'm so over-come with fear and I can feel somethings there.One night I was between falling asleep and dosing,and I remembered myself kicking,and flailing my arms almost like I was trying to fight it off,or trying to somehow let whatever was there to get away.But unlike my experiance as a child,sometimes I don't always feel a chill which is associated with most ghosts,and I've always been able to predetirnmen when bad,or situations are going to happen in certain aspects of and during my life,although sometimes just as a fleeting thought like when I'd lost someone I'd loved dearly.I had decided one day  that I needed to go and visit this person,and I'd left and when I had arrived a friend called me at where I was staying and I had told him I wsa here to visit my friend,I'd felt the overwhelming need to go,then my friend said to me:"Brett died 3 days ago,his furnaral was yesturday".Since then when I have those feelings I try to heed them.PLEASE tell me what do you think is REALLY going on with me,Why do I think I'm feeling these things and having such negitive experiances is it just my imagination overacting,or should I be paying more attention to these feelings,please tell me what your professional opinion is regarding my current situation,(past and present)I'm tiried of constantly guessing myself,wondering if there's something wrong with me! Rachael

Hello Rachael,

 REVISED ANSWER. I love getting letters from the home front and it's nice to hear from a fellow Albertan. I am sorry for the late reply. My organization is currently involved in 6 active investigations and when I first received your letter I was swamped. As I have a few days until I am out of town again I thought that I would revise my first letter to your where I explained that I would be writing with a detailed reply at a later date. This is that date.

 The incident that you related from your childhood is fascinating in its own right. It would be interesting to know exactly what your mother thought was the cause behind the incident. Under normal circumstances [are there "normal' circumstances in the paranormal?] I advise that religion should not be used as a first defense against an unknown entity as in 99% of the cases it fails miserably. However, seeing as how your mother seemed to be familiar with what was happening she took the appropriate and apparently the correct measure as the problem seemed to disappear. I feel that the incident of your youth has little to do with the circumstances that you now face, with one exception, your age [11] and your approaching puberty.

 Your modern issue may have several causes. The first one that I will address is your age [sorry]. You are or will soon be going through the change. This is a similar situation to the teen years of maturing through puberty. The body in both cases is going through hormonal, physiological, emotional and psychological changes. As well, your energy, your bio- energy to be more precise, may be allowing you to become more perceptive and sensitive to the psychical realms. For the most part, ghosts are attracted to bio-energy. They can, and do use electrical sources if in a pinch. I need to make the next point clear and will address it as a separate paragraph...

 There are those in the field of paranormal studies [usually the so called ghosthunter types] who insist that all ghosts are in dire need of, and feed off of negative energy. [Let's not confuse this with the negative energy of physics as there is a balance between positive and negative energy in physics. Let's also not confuse this with dark matter - I hate it when people bend, twist and warp a quantum theory to fit their agendas.] Anyway - ghosts are energy. A ghost can, and many do contently reside in a place for centuries alone without an outside source of energy. Ghosts are pretty much a self contained unit. However, if they wish to do more than just be quite content ghosts they will then require additional energy. That, incidentally is how the living operate as well. If we require more energy, we have ways of getting it - eating for example. However the dead can't down a quick Red Bull energy drink when they need more "power". One of the easiest, and obviously most usable sources for them comes from the living in the form of bio-energy. Here it the reason that ghosts have become linked with "negative" energy - it is the easiest for them to mine. A ghost can just as well use positive energy for extra energy but it is harder for the ghost to make someone laugh than it is to frighten them. Look at it this way, it is harder for a living being to create a joyful feeling in another than it is to walk up to them and punch them in the nose. Anger [ a negative response] was easier to create. Ghosts are famous for hanging around pubs, comedy clubs, movie theatres and such as these are places where people let their energies out. A ghost can get just as much of a kick from a group watching a comedy as they can by getting couples to fight and argue - but it is easier to get them to argue than to have a fun pillow fight.  It is easier to scare than to elate. That's not the ghosts fault - it is the human condition. Sad isn't it? What this adds up to is that ghosts are getting a bad rap. Not all ghosts require 'negative' energy. But positive is harder to produce. So they become associated with the negative and "dark" side of things, much the same way as the pentagram and swastika became associated with negative and dark things despite the reality. Ignorance feeds the misconception. [Do not get me wrong - there are more than the lion's share of evil, malicious and psychopathic ghosts in existence. In life they were evil, malicious and psychopathic people. But there are also apple pie baking grannies and pipe smoking, paper reading grandpas too - without a negative, evil bone it their "bodies"!]

 Meanwhile...back at the ranch. Something is happening in your situation enabling you to become more aware and intuitive. That may or may not be a good thing depending on ones outlook. As I don't know you, I can not state exactly what factors may be at work, save the change of life that comes with aging.

 The best way to see what is happening to you is to simple begin a journal. I must caution you to not make a bigger issue to your situation than is necessary. You should make sure that you do not become a paranormal addict. Yes there are many who have become addicted to the paranormal to the point where they no longer function normally. They spend so much time in the "astral" world that they have forgotten the main purpose of being here - to gain earthly knowledge. They will have an eternity on the otherside when their time on planet earth ceases... and that is usually less than 80 years - whereas eternity is a very, very long time.

 If you feel that there is a presence in your home, and seeing as how we both live in Alberta, you may consider having the Eidolon Project Canada come out an see what is happening. Whatever your decision remember that you need not live in fear. Some ghosts can be gluttons if you continuously feed them. The living can become enablers to the dead. Perhaps you should contact me at

and we can take it from there.  Please contact me regardless should you have any concerns or questions. I'm here to help.

Take care,

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