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Paranormal Phenomena/i think a ghost touched me in my sleep


Joseph wrote at 2013-11-22 02:48:08
Could be something your own mind created.  There is no rule book for interpreting these things.  Yeah there is the writings of jung etc.  But even those I would think are limited to his own consciousness.  All in your interpretation.. Or so I keep telling myself about my own experiences.  It might be your under spiritual attack.  It might be your suffering from sleep paralysis.  Which is secular cultures way of describing night terrors that have been described in different cultures all across the globe. What we do know is that all interpretations aside.  You had the experience that you experienced/  Defining its meaning is another thing.  Whether to dwell on it or not is up to you.  In my own similar experiences I have not found practical answers that are going to apply to your waking life.  You've got to pick yourself up and move on.  Since you are a spiritual person.  And if you are committed to being a spiritual person for the rest of your life you should pray for protection from the Lord or Jesus or whomever you feel can save you from this in future. That worked for me when I was a Christian.  But it was interesting that when I was practicing Buddhism and Zen and other things  I had an experience years later where I invoked Buddha and the demon left scared.  What is going to work for you seems to be attached to ones own particular psychology.  What you have put hours of your time into believing has power for you.  What works for someone else will not work for you.  And vice versa.  In some ways I wish I had stayed a christian.  And then maybe I would not be as haunted or haunted even at all by these similar experiences to yours that I have now.  Its like I have spread my belief too thin in too many different places for it to have authority over the evil spiritual forces that want to do whatever they do.  Yes I understand many different points of view and can see what is going on in hindu, buddhist, Islamic, Jewish etc, minds.  Or in many western and eastern philosophers minds.  Or in different socio political ideologies.  I understand these things and have a larger understanding of other people.  But I have not gained control over this one aspect in my life that makes me question whether all of this great knowledge is really everything its supposed to be.  Maybe I was better off as a loving, kind, yet naive Christian.  Maybe there is now way out of my neurosis.  Maybe if your indoctrinated into being a christian from a young young age you will always have it as a baseline for interpreting your experiences.  I imagine its the same with other people and their religions or even non religious views that become so entrenched that there is almost no permanent escape.  Your stuck to a certain degree with what your given.  But maybe change takes longer than a few years.  Its been almost a decade since I broke from my faith.  Maybe in another decade I will have built up enough faith in my own will that I can invoke myself and tell these "demons", "ghosts, "whatever" off.  Something else you might find interesting is near death experiences of Christian countries vs other non christian countries.  Christians have near death experiences that support their view of the world.  And other people have near death experiences that support theirs.  Again, this idea of your own psychology is what is going to determine what you experience. in dreams, near death experiences,  and even with the african ghost experience you had.  Hope this helps

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