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QUESTION: Can a ghost breath on you? in our house we hear the occasional footsteps and  a lightswitch sound everynight. Like someone leaving a bedroom and turning off the switch. The lights don't come on but you hear the noise. Last night while sound asleep something breathed on the back of my hand while my hands where across my chest. I immediately woke. The same thing happen a hour later. It felt as if something blew on the back of my hand.
Thank you, Phil


Yes, a ghost can breathe on you.

In your case I believe you have an elderly woman there. She is depressed and confused. She's been there for a while but comes and goes from your residence. Her name is Cora. If this happens again, remain calm and tell her to ask for the Light to come to her so she can cross Home. Tell her that her father will be in the Light to help her go. She died of an illness.

In any event tell her firmly but nicely that she can't visit you any more. Either she must cross into the Light or move on elsewhere as this is your space. After that say nothing more or acknowledge her in any way. She should leave in a few days. Don't engage her in any other way or she'll stay to communicate and that's not what she needs to do. Her soul must cross to continue its evolution and learning on the Other Side.

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QUESTION: Christine, is there any more info you can give me on Cora? did she live in this house or nearby? timeframe?
thank you, Phil

ANSWER: Hi Phil,

Cora died about five miles from your residence. East is the approximate direction. Died in 1962. She is what I call a walk-in wanderer.

There were some emotional-mental issues such as memory loss and depression. In the end she had problems breathing leading to congestive heart failure.

Hope this helps.


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QUESTION: Hi Christine, can you give me a update on Cora or if anybody else wandered in? she seemed to be gone for awhile but it's getting nosier and seems to be concentrating on me. The blowing on my hands (very cold ) definitely wakes a person up. It doesn't happen to anyone else in the house.
Thank you, Phil

Hello Phil,

Cora is back occassionally. You are still open to her and she knows you're thinking about her. Tell her to leave again.If this doesn't work, ask Arch Angel Michael to cast his net and remove her. Then move on with your life. Address any activity immediately in this manner. Don't wait for it to escalate.

She's a bit relentless because you respond to her activity. Put your foot dowm when anything invades your home. Also set boundaries for your own psychic openeness. Close down when you don't want interference. It's like get a mental cold shoulder attitude "I am not open for business." Learn to control your personal psychic frequency. Pray for a barrier between you and the unseen as well.


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