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QUESTION: My friend woke up this morning with scratches in the middle of his back, on his shoulders, and near his belly button. Also in addition to the ones on his back he has a triangle with a circle in side it. If there is anything you can help me explain to him I would be very grateful

ANSWER: Greetings Clarence,

Thank you for choosing me on, I am happy to assist you with your case.

Scratches on the body is something that I often come across and more often than not, there is a logical explanation as to what caused them instead of spiritual phenomena. I am not disregarding the possibility however I must approach any case with an open mind in order to establish the facts, I am sure you understand.

Now, in order for me to make an informed decision and provide you with the best answer, I must ask you some additional questions. If you could reply with the answers at your earliest convenience, I would be able to continue with the case properly.

You will probably need your friend to give you the answers to some of the following:

> Q1 - Is your friend male or female?
> Q2 - How old is your friend?
> Q3 - Has your friend ever experienced any spiritual or otherwise unexplainable phenomena before?
> Q4 - Where was your friend sleeping? Their house, your house or somewhere else?
> Q5 - The place where they slept, is it known for spiritual or otherwise unexplainable phenomena to the best of your knowledge?
> Q6 - Did they sleep in a bed? If not, where?
> Q7 - At what point did they realize the marks?
> Q8 - Are the marks still there? If not how long ago did they fade?

I hope you understand but in order for me to give you the best possible support and answer your question to the best of my ability, I must ask for this additional information to obtain a better understanding of events and so that I can make an informed decision based on the information that you provide me.

Thank you for your time and I eagerly await your reply so that I may continue to assist you with this case.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: my friend is male,15 yrs old, yes, he was sleeping in his room in his bed, as far as i know this is the first time it's happened in his house,he realized them when he woke up, and yes they are still there the one that sticks out most on his back is one that looks like a triangle with a circle in side of it.

Greetings Clarence,

Thank you for your reply in answering my additional questions.

Based on the information that you have provided me, I have made an informed summary of your case and is as follows:


In my experience, most markings or scratches that appear on the body are caused by sharp or foreign objects such as labels or loose stitches within our clothes and bedding. We should not rule this out as they are very possible and in my experience cause 98% of all cases submitted to me with regards to marks or scratches on the body.

Marks and scratches can be caused by spirit entities as a way of communicating. It is possible that this could be the cause but is not definite. If it is caused by spirit then I would be looking at anyone who may have died recently that were close to him such as a friend or family member.

The mark on his back with the circle inside of a triangle may be perceived as a symbol of protection. Because of the nature of the scratches as you have described them, I am inclined to suggest that if they are caused by spirit, they are most probably not negative, bad or evil in any way. If anything, it is a positive thing.

With cases such as this, it can be difficult to find the cause and we shouldn't rule out any causes until we can prove what caused the scratches.

So, for now I have some advice that you can tell your friend.

> Most importantly, don't worry or dwell on it. If it is caused by spirit then it sounds like it would be of a positive nature and will probably only happen once.

> Thoroughly check the bedding from that particular night for any sharp or foreign objects that could have caused the scratches.

> He should monitor the scratches and see what happens, keep a diary if he wants to record how they are looking on a daily basis. If they become painful or start getting 'inflamed' at any point then let me know and he should take the time to get them checked out by a licensed medical professional such as his doctor to rule out any medical problems.

I am always here if he ever needs continued support and please keep me updated with how the case progresses. If anything changes, let me know.

I am glad that you chose me to answer your question and I hope that I did that for you.  

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