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Paranormal Phenomena/Large Black Shadow Crossed the 4 lane Highway in Front of Me


I was headed to work on my normal two hour drive around 01:30 am, I was running late and was going around 120 mph because there's no traffic at this time of morning. When I start into town there's an overpass coming up and just as I start into the darkness (the shadow of the overpass) I notice a black blurr or cloud with a small streak or streaks of white in it coming from the far left on the other side of the overpass, so it's in the light. It crossed the road at a high rate of speed. It didn't have legs or if it did they weren't moving. I was kinda in disbelief because I'd never seen anything like this before, but I know it wasn't a human or an animal, because nothing of this world could move that fast. I slowed down because in my mind I thought maybe I'm fixing to have a wreck and whatever that was is here to take me. Lol. Guess I've been watching to many movies huh?!? Any ideas of what this thing was??

Hello Ronald,

Whomever you wrote to dropped your question in our question pool and I have gathered it up in an attempt to answer it.  

There is more in heaven and earth that we, any of us, know about .. and some of that unseen energy is elemental beings (which can move much faster than us), those entities people call things like fairies and gnomes, and there are darker entities out there, or simply very confused ghosts.  There are also weather anomilies and 'tricks of the light' .. any of these could be an explanation for your brief description.  

How big do you estimate the black shadow was?  Did you see it disappear .. literally, or into the distance, or the shadow on the other side.  What else do you remember from the event?  Any 'feelings' you had .. apart from thinking it might wreck you?

You had an amazing experience.  It always leaves us full of wonder .. I also get to see stuff other people don't. It can be a blessing, or simply confusing.

Write down everything you remember as clearly as you can, and date the message.  You'll want to be able to tell your grandkids about it .. or check the records if it ever happens again .. which it might, if you continue to take that route to work.  

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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