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Hi Greg,
I wrote to an expert in the category of paranormal phenomena about a year or so ago regarding activity that was happening in my home. I was told to have my house blessed. As well I have been regularly using Holy water when I feel things are getting worse. Nothing has worked and I might add that things are worse.
To quickly let you know what is happening, I am a mother of a young son (three years old). I work days in a nursing home and Tyler, my son, goes to a day home.  I have lived here since he was born. It is just him and I. It is a quite ordinary house in a quite neighborhood. It diffidently does not look like a typical haunted house, but it acts like one. Things that have happened are an unusual odor that is noticed occasionally. I hear someone walking upstairs when there is nobody up stairs. These are definite distinct  heel - toe foot steps as if they were made by someone wearing men's shoes or boots., there's no mistake. Lights are found on when I know that they have been turned off as I an very thorough about things like that. There are no wiring problems. On a couple of occasions I have woken to water running in the bathroom sink attached to the master bedroom. My son has no access to that particular bathroom, and I would know if the tap were left on as I sleep only a few feet from the door. Incidentally, I have a motion detector in the upper hall to alert me in the event that my son gets up during the night. It never goes off unless there is a reason. It has never gone off during the foot steps or the light incidents.
Last year I had my parish priest over to bless the house. Now I need help. Any advice or should I consider moving? I have enough worldly things on my mind without the added burden of the strange and unwanted.


 Caveat Utilitor... let the user beware. I feel that that applies here. Incidentally I changed your letter from Private to Public as it does not contain any information that is personal and the reply may be of benefit to others who have a similar issue.

 The advice[?] that you were given was dangerous. In the majority of cases - the vast majority -religious ceremonial blessings and cleansing are a band aid solution and usually results in a worsening of the events and circumstances! Documented case after case spanning a hundred years supports that.

 Here is what likely happened. You were plagued by events that caused you to seek help. You took the advice and had a religious rite performed. The occurrences subsided for awhile. The occurrences came back stronger than before. That sequence of events is nearly a textbook example of a blessing gone wrong. In 95% of the cases it just does not work. Unfortunately you were given a "hocus-pocus" new age answer to an age old problem.  Some people have a single "solution" for nearly every problem. I personally wouldn't seek out the help of any doctor that had only one cure regardless of the symptom or ailment.

 I have written about this issue before and can not stress enough: do not use religion unless you know who or what you are dealing with. It usually just makes the entity angry. There are those who will disagree with me. They will insist the the old, "...Christ compels you..." rhetoric is the only solution. It may work if the entity believes in Christ - but as far as I know, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and even atheists like me die and some become ghosts. Realize that I am not trying to appear as anti religion. Different strokes for different folks. The forest would be a pretty boring place if only one type of bird were allowed the privilege to sing. Let's work at getting a handle on your situation. To that end please write to me personally at

and I will lead you through the proper methods to remedy your situation. I look forward to hearing from you personally. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ciao for now,

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