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Hi my name is maria Dolores DOB 3/27/1991 I have recently experienced an extange feeling were I'm currently living with friend in a home I used to live in 3 years ago i saw a shadow which got me terrified would you be able to help me know what was that I saw and house can I fush it away from me thank you so much

Hello Maria,

Thanks for writing about this subject. Shadow people are mysterious looking creatures but I have to be honest with you. In my experience investigating paranormal phenomena, I have learned that shadow forms are not people. They are demonic presences. Period.

Part of my work revolves around demonic cases or what I call publicly "extreme hauntings" where the generic and often mislabeled terms like poltergeist or entity are associated with a person, place or thing.

Make no mistake that human spirits - no matter how angry or able to do low energy manipulation of an object - can never compare to powerful, inexplicable manifestations of activity in our physical realm. Over the top physical or psychic disturbances in a place are demonic. Shadow beings are a primary indication of their appearance in your territory. They will linger forever in the same spot, moving from victim to victim usually after their prey's death.

If you have seen a totally black shadow without three dimensional features or a smoky-black mist, you have seen something totally negative.

The world renowned physicist Stephen Hawkins does not believe in demons, but he has publicly stated that there are whole universes comprised of dark matter with dark matter life forms. This, I believe is what a shadow person is. I state this because in every demonic case where I've investigated and cleared the space, there are sightings of these entities. It's a trademark indicator of demonic activity.

Just because you see a shadow person doesn't mean you're infested by it, but it at least means there is vulnerability scouting going on around you and something has drawn it there. Demonic activity revolves around permission to be there, either unknowingly or knowingly on your behalf, someone you are associating with or through historical spiritual activities in a location.

The starting point could be an inherited problem through family lines as well as older sites where battles, massacres, and human evil has concentrated, all of which you had absolutely nothing to do with. It could be someone wishing you ill through spells and curses, or just plain foolish dabbling into any type of occult practices. Sometimes you just have emotional or mental issues that can be tapped into by entities to gain control over you. Every case is different and can happen through tangled combinations of the above circumstances.

If you are currently experiencing paranormal activity of a negative nature in this house you're in, then it's probable that you have an infestation going on with one entity given that you saw a shadow being several years ago. I suggest you look up Archangel Michael and "netting" to remove negative energies - human souls & otherwise. You must have faith in your belief that Michael will come and will do the job. Doubts block your intent and power. Check Doreen Virtue books or Online information on the technique.

Your goal is to take a defensive posture through God's assistance. Prayer and confidence are essential. Avoid fear. That's demonic influence coupled with terrorism via paranormal tricks.
Be calm and unemotional and demonic influence is powerless. You frustrate them when you don't react but act with pragmatic willpower.

Try this netting technique and contact me privately with any other questions.


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