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weird stuff is going on with my autistic son.he says he sees bad guys with wings  they talk to him in whispers,and they want my infant daughter.when i was young i played gith witchcraft and summoned a protection this actually possible,or is he schitzophranic.he is acting evil.....not little boy nornel evil.trying to hurt people and animals,laughin at death and violence and head butting hitting everyone,he feels no pain .prettymuch acting possessed or schitso.i normally dont believe this stuff but everyone who comes in my house sees stuff,three to be precise.since so many people are just saying stuff without me telling them anything about whats going on it is starting to make me a believer.what do i do.

Hello Casey,

I'm sorry I didn't answer sooner but my electricity just came back after hurricane Sandy came through my area. Answering emails wasn't possible until now.

I appreciate your honesty. Your dabbling into witchcraft was not the source of this problem even though it was a misguided idea to think that you would get something safe to protect you through occult arts. Dark doorways only beget negative spirits as I'm sure you know. High frequency (Divine) protection is not accessible through low energy(Astral)channels. In essence you were using magic in place of prayer.

I have had several cases where autistic children are involved with paranormal activity in a home. Autistic children are very open and telepathically inclined. They are easily affected and influenced through suggestion. In one case a demonic entity was circling the child during an infestation stage. I removed it. In two cases, people involved with autistic children in some capacity had personal demonic issues. These were also removed.

It's not the fault of the children but of their inability to protect themselves from invasive negative spirits. Misplaced human souls (ghosts) can also plaque these children. You have good reason to be concerned. Your son is seeing and hearing things beyond normal. What he describes to you is legitimate. Symptoms of strong aggression are even more disturbing and indicate potential mental manipulation of your child's developmental weaknesses.

You need to take control of the situation. Since I don't know the details of the household dynamics, it's hard for me to advise you. Basically, you must lose your fear, pray for Divine assistance, and reclaim your home so your children are safe again. I may be able to help you in removing it, but this should be discussed off the board.

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