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Good Afternoon David:

I am hoping you might be able to point in the right direction of sound and specifically the sound of a bell.  Around 4:00 am in the morning, both my significant other and myself heard a bell like sound coming from the hallway in the upper level of our 3 level home.  It was an amazing sound, clear, one time, and beautiful.  I wear ear plugs, and to date have never heard anything like it.  We thought it was the cat playing with a bell, or she hit some thing in the home.  However, with my ear plugs in the tiny bell in question could not be heard, nor the clanging of kitchen utensils near the stove.  Check rooms and nothing inside or outside to recreate this sound.  We both had been to a lecture on The Way of the Heart (same evening).  I wondered if it was a protective angel/spirit, and/or a warning?  My father has been with me since 2008, and from time to time, turns on the lights in the bedroom, and/or feels near at times.  I read a similar issue here on this website about an astral bell; however, I cannot find anything related on the internet to explain that issue.  I hope you can explain, or direct me in the right direction.

The sound of a bell associated with paranormal activity is as old as our belief in life after death. Churches employ it as a summoning...and I suspect the inhabitants of the hereafter do as well. Phantom sounds, as well as bell ringing are a sign of an active interface in your home, meaning a paranormal event horizon is forming somewhere. This allows energy and sometimes sound to emerge into your environment. It is generally very localized in effect, and scientitifcally we do not yet know the source. Folklorically it is associated with visitations from the other side. Depending on what you read, it can be associated with a loved one or a guardian angel or guardian spirit. My gut feeling is something is seeking recognition.

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