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this is going to sound so weird and it happened a few weeks ago but i cant get it out of my mind....

one night i fell asleep in my living room watching tv (something i do often) im not sure of the time it was, i didnt check the clock but at some point during the night i woke up to someone touching my vagina. it felt like he was holding my legs down and i say he because i was slightly coming out of my sleep and i looked down at my lower half and there was an african man in a dashiki sitting on the edge of my couch. at first i obviously thought this has to be a dream and usually in my dreams if im in a bad situation i can tell myself it is a dream and to just wake up, it will be over but this time when i was telling myself it was just a dream and to wake up i couldnt. the man looked at me and smiled eerily and thats when i got really scared and started repeating in my head get up, get up, get up but i couldnt move he was holding me down by my legs. i finally was able to sit up and that was it, he was gone. since then there are small things happening around my house, something will fall from no where, a light will just flicker but i feel its somehow connected. i was told once that someone had put a curse or hex on me so im wondering if it is in any way related? i dont know if it matters but its worth mentioning i am very spiritual. i believe in God, i pray and i have even seen God/Jesus in my dreams before. does this mean i am more open to things like this? please help me understand what is going on and what i can do, if anything to make it stop.

thank you

Hello Tia and thanks for writing.

It seems if this is constantly happening that maybe this is sleep related. When we are in a sleep state our mind can play tricks on us, I have answered many questions on this same subject. We can wake up but still be in a sleep type of state and be sort of in a "dreamy" state as well!

As far as the Hex, I really do not believe in those types of things!

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