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Do apparitions appear in color?  I recently saw something that looked like a young girl in dark pants, a blouse with splashes of orange and yellow on an ivory background,  and medium blond hair. There was absolutely no one in that part of the house. The only people who were in the house were coming down the stairs with me. I was in front and had a clear area of vision into the place where I saw the vision. It was moving quickly but I did not notice any movement near the feet. I kept going back up and down the stairs to debunk the vision, but I could not. I never saw it again during the time I was a visitor in the house. Thank you for considering my question.

Hello Roberta,

Yes, apparitions can appear in color and be as solid as a human being. They can also present as gray or black and white colors. They range from solid looking to faded or completely see-through. In certain instances only lower or upper parts of the body manifest. I've even seen photos of floating heads with no body.

A ghost seems to project itself as well as the memories of it's own appearance allow. Over time, some ghosts begin to fade in appearance. During my mediumship work with lost human souls, I've been told by some that they don't really remember what they looked like because they've been roaming so long.

Sometimes souls don't know how to show themselves indicating there is a learning curve to manifestation. Some souls appear ghoulish or disfigured due to a lack of mental clarity about their former bodies or present as the way they last remember themselves including injuries or physical defects.

Psychologically ghosts are always tied to to their emotions, particularly the emotions boiling up during the last few minutes of their life. Once consciousness departs the physical shell and moves from the physical to the Astral, time  transforms into a constant "now" reality. This may cause their last felt human emotions to thrive continually. Eternity becomes a mind set without the ability to disengage and proceed towards normal emotional acceptance or healing of trauma and fear. This would normally be corrected if the soul moved towards the high frequency God realms through free choice.

That doesn't mean human souls can't think in the Astral. They deal with Astral reality and it's dark and dangerous aspects but cleave emotionally to their goals, intent, and purpose experienced at the time of death. Longings, anger, emotional pain, panic, etc. drive them.

As time moves forward in our reality, they lose their identity a bit. The personality remains but manifesting physical attributes seems to be non-essential in the energy world they inhabit. Each spirit is different so they project as perfect replicas of their former self or as degraded images such as glowing forms, mists, etc.

One thing is true for all human spirit manifestations. To see a ghost, a ghost must want you to see it. The visual appearance is initiated by them.

Also remember that seeing a human form doesn't mean it was once a human. Dark entities will assume human shapes to encourage curiosity, sympathy, and acceptance of their presence in an environment.


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