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Paranormal Phenomena/could i ask i few questions for my english paper?


1) what experience have you had?
2) which experience has effected you the most?
3) what do you believe causes hauntings?
4) what is an exorcism?
5) has anyone died from an exorcism?
6) what causes demons to take control of a human body?
7) is it true that you should not speak a demons name? if so why?
8) how much does it cost to get an investigation if you have a problem?
9) can a demon take full control of the human body?
10) is there any other helpful info. you could provide me with?

Hello Miranda and thanks for writing, my answers are below!

1.) I have 15 years of Experience in Investigating the Paranormal with Combined Field Research and Study.

2.)The one experience that still shakes me to the core, is a House in North Central NJ, I was sitting in front of a fire place at the house, it was built in the mid 1600s. While sitting there filming in night vision, I was overcome with a severe cold feeling and an overwhelming feeling of sorrow, it almost brought me to tears. I felt like getting up and getting out of there, but I stayed, it was as if I was feeling possibly what the spirit had felt. Come to find out a few days later, a British soldier had died in that very spot during the revolutionary war, They say three soldiers were shot outside of the home during an ambush, two were dead , but one was still alive, so the folks that lived there brought the soldier in and had had died right in front of that fire place, I did not know this until days after the investigation!

3.)I feel spirits each have their very own reason for staying around. I think some are so attached to their home, they do not want to leave, I feel others still have unfinished business, this is all theory though!

4.)This is conducted typically by a Catholic priest, they do this to cast out a supposed "demon' that has over taken a human body!

5.)I am unsure of this as these things are kept private.

6.)I must tell you, I do not believe in these "demons". In all the years I have been researching, I have not yet come across one of these demons, I have come across Negative spirits, but No Demon.

7.) Refer to answer #6

8.)I do not charge any money for an investigation. I do all investigations for free, although we do like when we are provided with Coffee!

9.)Refer to question #6 - I think a negative spirit can manipulate ones mind and spirit, But could never enter ones body!

10.)You can visit my web site There is a wealth of information there as well as my personal contact info if you need it.  

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