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Paranormal Phenomena/can i asked a few questions for my english paper?


1) what experience have you had?
2) which experience has effected you the most?
3) what do you believe causes hauntings?
4) what is an exorcism?
5) has anyone died from an exorcism?
6) what causes demons to take control of a human body?
7) is it true that you should not speak a demons name? if so why?
8) how much does it cost to get an investigation if you have a problem?
9) can a demon take full control of the human body?
10) is there any other helpful info. you could provide me with?

Hello Miranda,

1) My experience is contained in my AllExperts Bio.

2) Learning about demonic entities and clearing places of this problem is the most dangerous work I do.

3) Hauntings to me are human souls who have separated from the physical but linger in the    Astral rather than move forward to the correct heavenly realm.

4) Exorcism is performed by a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. It's a rite meant to cast out demons from a human being in a state of Possession.

5) Yes. Roman Catholic exorcism deaths have happened mostly due to exhaustion of the victim during extensive exorcism periods which can go on and off for weeks or months or years. Health complications can occur such as heart problems, kidney failure or dehydration. Suicidal depression is sometimes the cause if not the physical abuse of overzealous priests. It has happened.

6) See my other answer to the Possession question on my board.I will say that the first three stages of demonic activity called Infestation, Oppression and Obsession are very prevalent. Possession is considered rare though incidents of this stage have consistently increased in the past decade.

7) I have never had a problem saying a demon's name. For me, knowing the name is crucial before expelling it from a place. Knowing the name vanquishes their power to remain because they are totally revealed in truth. I don't engage in exorcisms. So far I have dealt with Infestation, Oppression & Obsession stages of demonic activity. A possible Possession case is on my schedule though.

8) My investigations are free. The only perks my organization gets is research material and the joy of helping people get their lives back.

9) The Roman Catholic Church believes a demon can take total control of a human body.My experience says the control is non-local. - i.e. a demon can not pour itself into you and co-habit with your soul inside the physical shell- but demonic mental projections and energies can physically "puppet" you from outside your body. When your mind is unable to distinguish between constant delusional thoughts or fearful hallucinations and reality, you are beyond knowing how to escape. In essence your willpower to fight is gone and mind control takes over.

10) Anyone trying to experiment or dabble in spiritual modalities without first knowing their own limitations and psychic skill sets is opening themselves to attention by malevolent entities. This includes: negative occult practices -satanic, witchcraft, voodoo-, psychic enhancement or esoteric pursuits related to deep meditation & divination tools -dowsing, tarot,palm reading, etc.- paranormal investigations, or spontaneous Astral entertainment
-Quija, seances, table tipping-.  

Some of these activities are inherently bad ideas. Others aren't bad but simply broadcasting your energy frequency "Out There" where anything can hone in on it. Be careful what you do and how you do it. Everyone is vulnerable.


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Christine Gentry


Paranormal guestions are my speciality; ghosts, demons, dark entities, astral lifeforms, hauntings, management of your psychic gifts, help for psychic children, etc. I have researched hundreds of paranormal hotspots and assisted private clients in freeing their home of unwanted spiritual phenomena. My organization specializes in extreme hauntings or nonhuman presences. I use my skills to research, document,and identify spiritual energies through field research. I also assist in the removal of any unwanted spirits so people may continue their lives free of fear or oppression.


I am a psychologist, parapsychologist and professional Medium. I am also the Director of East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO)for 12 years. My scientific team is staffed by well experienced investigators and consultants: two psychologists, veterinarian, Certified Medical Technician, Office Administrator, retired marine, retired army officer,Computer Software Engineer,and ordained minister.

I am a published author of nine fiction or nonfiction books over thirty years. Publishers include: MacFarland Publishing, Kalmbach Publishing, Greenberg Publishing,and Poisoned Pen Press.

I have a B.A. in Psychology and attained the title of Certified Angel Therapy Medium under the personal tuteledge of International Psychic Doreen Virtue.

Past/Present Clients
Most of my clients are private home owners. However, I do investigate major historic properties and commercial sites. Lately, I have been doing almost exclusively dark entity cases in the process of infestation and oppression of homeowners and my experience in theis area is now extensive. My organization has been the only group to ever get permission to investigate Fort Macon and Currituck Lighthouse.

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