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QUESTION: hi there thanks for takeing your time too look at this first ov all i was sitting on my sofa with my partner i see something too the right above my head inch above i thort it was a fly  i shakeing my hair and moved my partner asked whats wrong i said something was above my head he said were he looked saw a big round black ord moved around the room quickly and went through the wall soon as we both saw it was dose this mean can you explain please or help

ANSWER: Hello Mark,

No help is needed.  Spirit orbs come in all sorts of colours.  Other orbs are created by light reflecting on water vapour, bugs and dust in the atmosphere.

In your case, your orb appeared black.  It checked out the room and left.  Sounds like there was some form of intelligence guiding it, so it could have been produced by a living person, a spirit being, or an elemental being.  

I have never met an orb I didn't like, and I've met plenty of negative energy beings over the years.

Do you have a digital camera you can use to take photos of your home and the land around it?  You might find you have other orbs around.

Love & Peace

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QUESTION: hi thank you ppl av passed away at my home i was just scared as it was hovering over me then it scared me i got off sette my partner saw it wizz through the room and dissapear you hear all these storys off black is bad energy i dont no what to beleave is black harmfull or bad ? it scared me was that the intention do you think it was big like 6inch orb i lived here all my life i never experancied that before but i did tell it go away its not welcome and not to scare me

Hello again,

Actually, you scared yourself, unless it did something to you physically to make you feel that way, it was your own adrenalin pumping in your body, not something the entity created.  The unknown can seem frightening, until we work out what it actually is.

Black is not bad.  Black is just the absence of Light.  The absence of 'the Light' is used to define bad things, but its merely a vaccum waiting to be filled.  

The intention of the orb might simply have been of curiousity to meet the humans it had come across, much like we choose to meet the natives when we explore new territory.  

No, 6 inches is not that big.  It's about average.

You did the right thing telling it what you would allow, and what you wouldn't allow.  Don't expect it to come back, it probably won't.

Love & Peace

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