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I wish to relate something that happened to me 35 years age when I was 10 years old. I remember lying in bed one night when I was awaken by something that seemed to be in my room. I ddefinitely  saw someone standing at the foot of my bed. I remember screaming and my mother and father came in running, but when they got there, the person was gone. I believe that it was an old lady who was staring at me that night. Was this a ghost??? And if so who???

Hello Marilyn,

 I have to be totally honest. As I was not there, I can neither state with absolute one hundred percent certainty as to the identity of your visitor or whether it was a ghost, spirit, apparition or a hallucination. And to be honest, anyone who states with absolute certainty that they can are cold faced liars. Period. That includes psychic/mediums. Oh they might say that they can, but then they are not only misleading you, but also themselves. It has been, after all, three and a half decades. [Note that I use the word "absolute"]

 I am also glad that you kept the facts brief and to the point. By this I mean that after the amount of time that has passed memory is bound to fail in certain aspects and be embellished in others. Studies have shown that eye witness testimony is not as reliable as we think, and time can be a major factor. Thanks for keeping it to the barest of details in this case, as usually I require as much info as possible. A true example of "less is more".  

 I will not deny that you may have seen an entity that was from the death realm. It is also possible that you may have seen the apparition of a living person, as the majority of apparitions that are witnessed are in fact of the living, not of the dead as many would either assume, or plainly not realize. I saw my first full body ghost when I was seven. It was that experience that was the catalyst responsible for a near lifetime of study and exploration, and subsequently discoveries, iof this field.

 As I already mentioned, the whole event may have been a hallucination of a young impressionable mind. Add the fact that it happened in bed [ever notice how many ghost stories involve the ghost who stands at the foot of the bed? There is a reason, scientific and logical, behind the phenomena] and I would say that the event may have been a visual hallucination from the result of being in a hypnagogic state [or as you say you were awakened, a hypnopompic state to be correct]. States where the twain between REM sleep and semiconsciousness have met.

 If whom you saw was indeed a visitor from the dead, as it very likely was, it could have been either a ghost or a spirit, depending on where she came from. Psychics will say that it was a grandmother. If the grandmothers were alive, then a great-grand mother, or an aunt, or a great aunt, or a guardian [a favorite] or  Mary Poppins [talk is cheap where provability is impossible]. The truth is that it could have been any of the above, except Mary Poppins, or a complete stranger who just happened to be passing by and took a peek at a sleeping child. If she were a spirit, you may have seen your guardian spirit or guardian angel. Unless it is absolutely necessary, guardians, although always present, do not usually show themselves to us mere mortals [true psychic/mediums are a different matter]. The eyes [physiologically] and the untapped psychical abilities of a child are what allowed you to see this entity. As well, Canadian research has shown that csome children possess a brainwave frequency that may allow for greater psychic ability [outside of the Beta/Alpha/Delta/Theta patterns that we are all familiar with]. In short you may have indeed, and very likely did, meet your guardian. Note: To the psychic/mediums who are in a snit about my turn about - I state "likely" as I can not state with 100% absolute certainty proof of anything otherwise.

 Childhood experiences are fantastic. Needless to say that I have interviewed many a child who has claimed to have encountered a being from another realm, and needless to say many have rational reasons behind them. What makes this area of exploration interesting are the cases that defy rational explanations. There-in lays the treasure in the quest.

 I hope that this has helped in some way. If you need more assistance feel free to contact me, I am here to help!

Take care,

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