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I was young around 11 or so. My older sister Marcy woke me up in the middle of the night scared of what she was seeing. thousands of tiny tiny swirling dots of all colors everywhere you looked like the air was filled with them. Also a silk like smoke substance that would take shapes. Maybe demons or something of the sort I really do not remember much we both know what we had seen though. It was a lil scary cause i didn't know what we might have tapped into. I want to know more about that and also more about the dark shadows that take form in the dark. The ones that appear and are much darker than the shadow the appear in. Also a time when an old ghastly woman was trying to grab at me when i was asleep on a couch, i will tell you more about everything if you can get at me. please asap! I've lost that connection that ive had with those things but i want it back or at least more knowledge of it all.

Hello Edward,

Why would you want a connection to things that frightened you as a child?  

The tiny swirling dots of colours .. how tiny?  They could be many things, a spirit, a ghost or elemental energy (nature spirits).  If they were perfectly round they might be spirit orbs.  They could have been dust caught in some sort of light?  The smoke could have been the same.  If they had been demons, you wouldn't be saying 'maybe', you'd have been asking for help and running in terror.  And how did you 'tap into it'?

Dark shadows on a wall .. one dimensional (flat?) - they might be shadow people.  You can read about them on the internet, just do a google search.  

The ghastly old woman .. did she wake you up or did you see it in your dreams?  She was more than likely simply a ghost.  

I am not sure how you want me to 'get at you' .. and I will need more information about the shadows and the old lady.

You might have lost the connection because you grew out of it.  How old are you now?  Or because you were frightened by what you were seeing and chose to close down the gift.  Sometimes its better to stay closed down, but you can open up to it all again with some serious effort.  You have to change your mind about not wanting to see things again, and not be frightened of what you think you might see.  Don't hunt out demons for any reasons.  Ghosts can be fun, but mostly they are just lost and hungry.  

Answer my questions and I'll see what else I can tell you?

Love & Peace

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