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I have a concern regarding dark shadows. I usually see these at night and when I am relaxing in the living room or after I have finished work in my home office/den. They are real enough that I can actually follow them with my eyes before they disappear. I have lived in this home for quite some time and have never experienced paranormal phenomena before. What, or who, is happening???

After Image Effect
After Image Effect  
Hi Carla,

 Given the circumstances surrounding your shadows I would say that they are likely caused by your activities immediately prior to their appearance. Despite what others may say, especially those who jump to the conclusion that all is mystical, there are usually reasonable explanations for seeing shadows. Most shadows are just that - shadows or tricks of light.

 From a physiological stand I have discussed the workings of the eyes regarding photopic/scotopic vision and rods vs. cones in other answers regarding the paranormal. However what you are experiencing may be due to switching your vision from a well lighted surface to a darker one. Most people are doing one of two things in a living room, reading or watching television. When you are in your office I assume that you are also working with a lit background, namely a pc monitor. When looking from a bright surface to a darker one, especially if you have been focused on the bright one for any period of time [as little as 30 seconds] the eyes may see what is known as a complementary afterimage. This is generally a negative effect of what you have been looking at. Therefore a white screen will appear as a dark shape. if you view a blank surface, such a a wall. With larger screens and people spending so much time in front of a computer or staring at the lit background of a cell phone while texting their bff the phenomena of afterimages is higher. I wonder if this doesn't account for the increase of reported shadow figures that occur. The good news is that the effect is natural and harmless, provided the light source isn't overly bright damaging your eyes. The reason that you can visually follow the afterimage is because it is "burned' into your eyes so to speak. Technically, you are not following it - it is following you. Think of a speck of mustard on the lens of a pair of glasses. It goes where you go, turn your head to the right and there it is, look down and there it is. It will stay in front of you until you clean the glasses or remove them. The reason that the shadow disappears is because your eyes have both adjusted and readjusted to their new situation. I have attached a photo that will allow you to explore the afterimage effect. Open the photo and enlarge it so that it is full screen. Stare at the black dot in the center of the head for about 45 seconds. Then shift your gaze to a blank stop on the wall. The negative will appear and as you turn your head, it will move across the room. Nothing paranormal - just nature at work.

 I would like it if you had your vision checked as there may be more to this than just a harmless afterimage. Shadows or dark areas of vision may be due to retina damage or other eye health issues. Better safe than sorry so go in for a check up in the next week or so. It would be neither responsible nor ethical as an expert or advice giver to lead you to the conclusion that the situation, any situation, may be paranormal in nature when a readers health is at stake - even in the slightest. My job is to help, not to put anyone in harms way because I am giving an answer based on personal biases and/or agendas. I hope that you understand.

 Incidentally, there are computer gadgets available that will tell you to look away from the monitor with a pop up every 15 minutes or so to focus your eyes elsewhere for a minute. When people get involved in work on a pc, the eyes often suffer most. Of all the gadgets available, this one actually makes sense to have.

 I hope that this has helped. Get that check up and if you are then still bothered by the shadows, contact me and we'll approach this issue from a different angle. Take care.

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