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My yoda
My yoda  
QUESTION: Inn april of this yr I had to put my best friend down after 17yrs. Ive had to put dogs down before, and oddly I could hear what I swear was her collar jingling, and would catch split second glimpses of them. I had a special bond with yoda, especially last 7 yrs or so. Giving him his meds, and taking care of his paws that would get infected and pop from allergys. I mourn him every day. I dont feel him around, see him , nothing, like I did with past dogs. I love him so much, still so raw, id give anything to hug him again. Anyone ever seen or felt or heard their passed on pets? Id love to have an experience, just to ease my heart

ANSWER: Hi Shane,

While you are still suffering that intense tight pain that comes from losing someone you love, that very emotion might cut you off from sensing your friend.  Grief .. catches you from behind.  I am still doing it over my dog Gus, who went into heaven in March.  After he passed I saw him sitting next to the packing boxes as we got ready to move house.  His ears were down and he looked very sad .. but I told him to cheer up, because, being a spirit, he could travel with us anywhere.  I had hoped he would arrive at this new house straight away .. but it was actually months before he did.  My husband saw him just recently, back to 'dogging' my heels the way he used to do.  :-)  

And then there were my cats, Lucy and Meg.  Meg wandered through the kitchen just after she died, and Gus and I both watched her do it.  He was alive then and I could see both him and Meg as she walked into the hall .. and he was distinctly watching her.  Lucy .. Lucy was a small black cat who left home rather abruptly, after telling me she was going, and reappeared, as a spirit, in both of my healing centres, one after another .  She would make her presence known by walking across the top of the stairs as people came up to see me.  I had more than 20 people ask me if I had a 'small black cat with a white triangle on her chest' .. and where was it, so they could pat it?  I think, one way or another, she made the possibility of seeing spirits and ghosts very real to people by doing so.

Thousands of people have had experiences with their pets after they have died.  If you do a quick search on the internet you'll find lots of stories, and I've answered this type of question on this site many times before, so you could search here too.  And you've had your own experiences already, so you know they do come back to tell us they are just fine.  

Yoda is such a lovely dog, thank you for the picture.  I am sure he's around.  Perhaps you could ask him to visit you in your dreams instead.  Ask it quietly each night for three nights and see what happens.  It might take a little while for you to be at peace enough for him to come through, but he will.  Our dogs love us very much and want us to be at peace about their passing.

Love & Peace

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QUESTION: Thank you very much.I will do what you said.ANY sign from him would help me soo much.Havent even dreamed about him. WHY the best dog I have had, and closest I have been to, be the one NOT to show up. That hurts,we who have lost our pets know the same pain, and the first of things. Fist holiday in 17yrs without my little guy. I'm a 34 yr old male, Half my life was spent with him. Helped me in many ways, break ups with women,etc. Just ONE sign from him, would do wonders. Even a dream,and I will do what you said. Thank you for the support, and I will make a donation payday

Hi Shane,

Don't fret.  The more relaxed you are about the whole experience, the more likely it is that you'll see or feel or hear Yoda around.  Remember Gus and I.  It wasn't until I stopped wishing he would be here that he arrived.  He announced his presence 'emotionally'.  I really started to miss him! without realising that I was sensing him but not seeing him .. oh well, I am an odd soul. LOL

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace

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