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Hello Greg,

I am contacting you today because I was reading your profile (I'm nosy) like that :) and I noticed that you were from Canada.

I'm based in the U.K and recently, me and my team have been brought in to deal with a spate of what I would consider to be "Scam" mail from a gentleman called "Frederic Faberge" (if that is his real name, and assuming that he exists).

To cut a long story short, my clients have been receiving letters from "Frederic Faberge" who claims to be a "world class psychic" and who also claims to have foreseen the next set of winning Lottery numbers which unfortunately, some of my clients have fallen for.

Now I recognise a scam when I see one but in this hard economic climate, there are vulnerable people out there who are really hard up for money and who (out of desperation) are paying for information that they never receive.

Out of all my clients that have paid the sum of £19.00 in a pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope, NONE of them have recieved any response, weeks after the lottery draw.

In addition, some of my clients who paid for this information are now as a result, suffering emotional distress which I am working with them to rectify. I have collected all of the letters from my clients and upon the pre-paid envelope is PO BOX address within Ontario, CANADA.

As you are from Canada, I was wondering if you may know anything about this £Frederic Faberge" or similar schemes to obtain money, seemingly under false pretenses.

As a spiritual professional, it really angers me when people use our field to scam the unsuspecting and vulnerable people as it proceeds to sully our good names and it is actually causing people emotional problems as a result.

As a well-connected professional, I continue to work with other professionals who form a union to fight back and root out this kind of thing in the best interest of all true professionals in our field and for the protection of those who rely on us for help.

I have written a letter to this "Frederic Faberge" n behalf of my clients, demanding that he/she/they discontinue their communications to my clients. I have also prepared and publicly published an 'Opinion Article' on the 'Alerts' page of my website at

I also mentioned in my letter that if he is genuine, I would urge him to come forward and explain himself as I have many clients who have been directly affected by his actions.

Thank you for your time.

Ashley Redfern

Hello Ashley,

 In high school I aced Business Law. Lesson one: Caveat emptor. It is unfortunate that your clients have been scammed. Obviously there is little - nothing actually, that I can do about it. The internet is full of scam artists and they exist because people fall prey to both the hype of the offer and the want of easy cash. There is little that I can do about human nature.

 I am sure that you have already thought that if your clients in particular are being targeted that there is a breech in your security. I am sure that you have already encrypted your files and changed the passwords on all of your internet accounts, including your web site [a Go Daddy account?] Perhaps a more secure server/host. Actually hacking passwords can be quite easy with freeware programs such as Cain and Able available. And you should be aware of keystroke loggers and they will record everything you type into a keyboard.

 What can be done? I guess that if this were brought to the attention of your version of the FBI [Scotland Yard} they would work with our version of the FBI [RCPM - Royal Canadian Mounted Police} [they don't ride horses anymore] and a sting operation could be done. Pound notes would have their serial numbers recorded, the pounds being useless currency in Canada would have to be exchanged, the exchangers contact the Mounties. Do I think that that would actually happen - no. But cybercrime does exist and there is a possibility that someone from law enforcement might take the interest to put an end to this scam.

 Obviously in the second largest country on the planet I have no way of knowing who Faberge is. Ontario is a long way from Alberta, and seeing as that is where Canada's parliament is located I can't say that it is without it's fare share of crooks! Besides, I doubt if this is a real name.

 I supposed that if you checked the Internet Protocol address you could narrow down the area of the e-mails [if that is how he operated].
That is probably where the authorities would start, but any crook in their right mind would have any reference to their identifies so deeply buried that it would take a special unit to crack them.

 The facts of the matter are thus:
1- He has to be sending the e-mails from a certain location.
2- He has to be picking up the money from the PO box. That is traceable.
3- He has to be exchanging the money from Pounds Sterling to Canadian Dollars. Traceable.
Even with a false name, the crook or an associate has to be physically doing #'s 2 and 3.

 Sorry that I can't be of more help. It is too bad about the scam and your clients and it is good to see that you are taking measures. Perhaps your clients should change their passwords on their e-mail servers and computers as the hack may not end there and if they responded to this low life bottom feeder their personal information may be compromised and they will be at  risk of identity thief. That is a bigger concern than loosing a few quid. Better safe than sorry.

Take care,

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