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My daughter is 2 in a half years old, and every since we moved into where we are living at she hasnt been herself at all. I have the most trouble with her at night with not wanting to go to bed. So i am wondering if maybe she is feeling and seeing things like ghosts/spirits? There are times when she will wake up at night screaming and she will pull her hair (sometimes pulling chunks out), and scratching at her face as well. Also wondering if maybe she senses that i can do all this so maybe she is getting it off me. I feel like there is nothing i can do to help her but reassure her that everything will be okay and i do that and it doesnt seem to help. Every time i leave a room she is in with me she starts running after me. Also when i talk to her she just turns away and doesnt make eye contact (could she have autism)? I have sensed something in this house the day that we moved in here and what i need to know is can my daughter sense what i am sensing? please help me figure this out. oh one last thing i was told that the house that i am in sits on a tribal land can that have to do with anything?

Hello Cady,

Your daughter is a perfectly created spiritual being in a small body.  She comes into the world with gifts she may, or may not, grow out of.  Being so young she is still more connected to heaven than the earth, so she is still sensitive to spiritual energy, and .. she can read your energy too.  At two and a half she might be going through "fear of separation", which can be part of the 'terrible twos' .. the super temper tantrum time kids go through at that age.  She won't want to be separated from you at all, ghost or no ghost.  

If there is a ghost, as you have sensed, then it might be telling her not to talk to you about it, or saying you won't believe her or love her anymore, if she admits there's a problem, which might explain why she turns away from you when you ask questions.

Here's a solution ..  The Invocation on my webpage clears the energy of a people, or the house.  The instructions are there.  Read the page through a few times to really get an understanding of what you are asking, then say the request out loud.  I'd start with clearing your house and see if that settles things down, if not clear yourself and then your daughter, individually.  

The other choices to ask your minister to come and bless the house, which often works equally well.  

Next ...  these shields are created through our will.  We decide they are there, and they are there.  The metaphysical belief is 'energy follows thought' so we can create them in our minds, or simply 'command' them into being.  There are two on this webpage, a personal shield and a house shield.  You shield the house at night, to keep the ghosts out (everyone gets a better night's sleep), and shield yourself and then yor daughter, during the day.  You can also leave the personal shields up at night, just remember to renew them each morning, for yor peace of mind.  

And then, since you mention autism, have your daughter checked by the doctor just to make sure.  The numbers of children with this illness are growing and we do have some small solutions that help to keep these kids minds in the world, so early treatment is a very good idea.

Now - tribal land.  Not all tribal land is haunted, but often it is quite 'active' paranormally because the sites of villages were chosen because of the nature of the land and the energy there.  The house shields will help keep things out of the house, as I said, but what you can do, if you are willing, is to take some time to speak to the 'Spirit of place' telling it/them that you come in peace, to live quietly on the land that you know belonged first to them, and asking their permission to do just that.  Explain that your daughter is sensitive to their energy and frightened by what she is sensing and ask them to help there too.  They could keep negativity away from you and your family. If there are any spirits around that resent the intrusion, your show of respect for them could make a huge difference.  The Michael Invocation won't bother them because its nto designed to remove positive energy, only negative beings.

I've lived on tribal land.  My house was built over a burial ground.  I know what its like to annoy a ghost, and have to take time to talk to him and make peaced .. and then I crossed him over.  It does happen.  We can't help what we do unknowingly, but once we know something is possible, asking permission to be there can make all the difference.

Love & Peace

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