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QUESTION: Hi Ashley I just had a question about possible ghost scratches.About three times a month my boyfriend wakes up with three scratch marks on his arm. Hes experienced paranormal events before but nothing that seemed evil or bad. I was thinking maybe something is following him since a few years back him and a few friends went to check out a haunted house and saw a little girl entity there ( the following day after they were there the house mysteriously burned down). I just wondered if you had any thoughts as to what could be going on... I experience little things every once in awhile at our apartment but it seems to be more focused on him... thank you for taking the time to read this and any advice or opinions you have are greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Hello Kelly,

Thank you for choosing me on, I'll do my best to answer your question and provide you with any support that you need.

Just so that I can build a better picture of your case and to answer your question properly, I have a few additional questions that I would appreciate it if you could answer them for me.

1 > Three times a month eh? Are these scratches appearing at around the same times every month or are they random?

2> You said that he has never experienced anything evil or bad, does this seem like it might be evil, bad or otherwise negative in any way?

3> Has this phenomena been occurring ever since he participated in the "ghost hunt" a few years ago? If not, when did it start to occur?

4 > When you say the house burned down, I guess you mean the house which they investigated? I hope know-one was hurt! Do you or your boyfriend know how it burned down at all or perhaps the history of that property?

5 > Has there been any other phenomena? What is it that you have been experiencing because it could well be linked.

As for my thoughts, at this stage all I can say really is that it wouldn't be the first and most certainly won't be the last time I come across scratches that are caused by an active spirit entity.

I can most certainly help you with this as it's right up my alley but would need the additional information.

Thanks Kelly, speak soon.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your quick response Ashley as of your follow up questions... the scratches 3x a month are indeed random, whatever's here doesn't seem bad or evil except for the scratches. The scratches only appeared after the house investigation the other occurrences have happened before. Yes it was the house they investigated that burned down the day after with no explanation whatsoever as to why thankfully it was abandoned so no one was hurt. The other activityi experience is footsteps around the apartment, the feeling of being stared at and the feeling im not alone in the room.also our 9 month old son will stare at "nothing" and his eyes follow something around the room. Sometimes he gets upset after doing so. I notice toys and little things will randomly go missing and reappear days later. I hope I answered your follow up questions thoroughly enough for you :) thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon.

ANSWER: Hello again Kelly,

That is quite alright and thank you also for your quick reply. You have indeed answered my additional questions.

Right, lets take a look at this then . . .

I'll start by explaining that where Spirit is concerned, the type of phenomena and indeed the frequency of it usually has some significance to it so its very interesting that the scratches are happening 3X a month so just keep this in mind as it could make sense later on.

It makes sense that your boyfriend is waking up with these scratches, I wonder if he has been having some unexplained or 'out of the ordinary' dreams at all?
You see, when we are in our 'sleep state', we are all extremely vulnerable and open to spiritual phenomena so it wouldn't surprise me if your boyfriend has also had some strange dreams.

Your son is also very sensitive and open to spiritual phenomena due to his age, I know from research and is a widely known fact that children can sense things that no adult (who isn't a medium or psychic) can. Children of that age are also very vulnerable to spiritual phenomena so you should keep an eye on him. This is because our bodies are protected from the more direct phenomena by our Aura, but due to your sons age I don't think that his Aura would have developed yet to a strength that would block out the phenomena. Nothing to worry about but just to keep a check on it.

It sounds as though your boyfriend could have a Personal Attachment but this is not just limited to him. If it is the spirit of a little girl then it is quite possible that she is playing and trying to get attention (hence the toys going missing).

It is very important that if anyone does participate or knowingly visit a spiritually active location that they ensure that any active spirit entities or energies do not follow. If your boyfriend doesn't know, you can do this by simply calling out to the Arch Angel Michael for protection and also by calling out to any active spirits of the location and politely request that they do not follow as they are not welcome to do so. This should prevent him having anymore Attachments and bringing Spirits home.

However, it has already been done and now we should really focus on how to move this apparent Spirit onto the Spirit Plane where they can rest in peace.

Here is some personal step-by-step advice on how you can do just that:

1 > Begin by opening your internal doors to each room, your front door and prop them open.
2 > Open as many windows as possible in every room.
3 > Open all your curtains, blinds and/or shutters to allow natural daylight to penetrate the rooms.
4 > Fill a bowl with some concentrated salt water.

It is possible that any spirit (especially if it is a little girl) has attached themselves to your boyfriend, they may be lost and need this help. You should do the right thing and assist them in finding peace.

5 > With you, your boyfriend and your son only, work from the back of your apartment to the front (wherever your front door is) whilst reciting the attached prayer which is one of mine but I have found to be very affective. (See attachment).

As your boyfriend recites the prayer, he should be dipping his fingers into the Salt Water and carefully/sparingly flicking it upon the floors, walls and ceilings. Starting in one corner, working your way around each room. As you leave a room, close the door behind you and flick Salt Water upon the door to seal it. Continue in this fashion until you reach the front door. Once you reach the front door, you should close it and again flick Salt Water onto the back (inside) of the door to seal it.

6 > Put the Salt Water somewhere safe and then go out and grab a coffee or whatever for a few hours, leave the property to air and so that the energies can adjust properly, back to neutral. Leave the windows open but ensure that your property is secure.

7 > Whilst you are out, purchase some White, Yellow, Red or mixed scented flowers. When you return home you should not say anything about the phenomena at all! Put the flowers in some water and display them throughout the apartment (in each room).

8 > Re-open all of the internal doors and close the windows. When you close the windows, your boyfriend should flick some more of the water water over the windows to seal them. Then tip the salt water down the drain and was the bowl out.

For the time being, before you do or do not do this (whatever you choose to do), to help reduce the scratches at night and to help you sleep, put a line of Salt on the floor around the bed.

I hope that I have been able to assist you with this and please do keep me updated with your progress. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you require further help or advice.

Would you be so kind as to rate my service today Kelly? I always appreciate feedback to ensure that I am continuing to provide a quality service here on

Thank you for contacting me again Kelly, it was a pleasure to here from you and to assist you. I wish you the very best of luck.

Until we speak again . . .

Spiritualist Clearing Prayer - Type 01

I call out unto any Spirits that exist within this place, I ask that they come forth and heed my warm, welcoming and healing words.

To help you move on from this place, so that you may rest in peace and so those still living that remain here, may also live the remainder of their physical lives in peace.

May you use our combined energies to travel into the light, to the planes of eternal rest and peace, where the greener grass does dance gracefully to the songs of your triumphs, where the purer water does flow gently with your memories and where your once dear departed may once again be re-united with you.

Dear Spirit, your time upon the physical plane is at an end for now, but your Spirit does live on in the hearts and memories of your relatives who remain here amongst the living and who one day may also join you upon the Spirit plane.

Your mere existence shall carry its mark for all to see, forever on the currents of time. You shall not be forgotten and may all your sins be forgiven.

As we celebrate your existence, we are thankful for all that you have accomplished in your physical life, but you must go now dear Spirit, towards the light so that you may rest in peace with your kindred Spirits until such as time that you may be re-born and exist amongst the living.

I also call upon the help of the Holy Angels, to come forth and take you softly and warmly by the hand, to walk with you into the light.

May you be welcomed by and reunited with your kindred Spirits once more. Please use our combined energies and go now dear Spirit, with the Holy Angels as your guide.

Be gone from this place,
Be gone,
Be gone,

Amen/Blessed Be.

Copyright 2012 Ashley Redfern, Spiritus Sancte. Visit for more information.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you again Ashley I will give you top marks on your rating. I just have one more question... he had bad night terrors as a child can that have anything to do with it?


That is much appreciated Kelly, thank you! I'm glad I could help.

Yes it could be a contributing factor. I mean it is possible that there is nothing Spiritual occuring within your apartment but from what you described, in my experience and professional opinion is certainly seems to me like a Personal Attachment case.

If there is some spiritual phenomena affecting him and he did have night terrors as a child then it certainly wouldn't help matters. There is of course the possibility that he is having some bad dreams that are causing him to toss and turn in bed where a sharp thread or foreign object is scratching his body, he could also been scratching his body himself in the night and not knowing it but it would depend on where the scratches were and looking at the possibility if he could have done it himself.

Due to the circumstances where it is happening exactly 3 times a month and due to other factors that you have brought to my attention, I don't think that either is the case. I would say that there is something of a spiritual nature going on.

You could also setup a video camera to see what he is doing in his sleep to rule out the possibility of him doing it himself.

I've given you quite a lot of things to try so I guess just see what happens. I am very intrigued because I find it all very fascinating so I would very much like to follow your progress, that is if you don't mind keeping me updated either here on or on my official website at

Thanks again Kelly and best of luck to you all, my thoughts are with you.

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