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i see ghosts all the time from the age of two now we have a ghosts that is throwing things and hitting my two year old what do we do she had hand prints on her back and scratches she is a foster child at first we thought it was her mum so i kept her away for week but nothing changed we have even had some one to bless the house and its not getting any better what to do

Any time a child is involved you should seek local help immediately. Find a local investigative group to make sure the place is active. I would also watch the child when it sleeps to make sure they are not inflicting the scratches themselves. Get the house investigated by a reliable, well reputed scientifically based group. It may be that you will need to employ a medium to try and intervene as well. If so, make sure to get one with a good reputation. Blessings rarely work in these cases. If its a ghost, they are probably Christian. I don't think it is necessarily evil, but it could be the ghost of a jealous child as well. Have the house checked. That's the best I can give without being there myself and investigating the site. Remember, my work is based on science, so without data its hard for me to draw any conclusions.  

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