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I recently was looking on a web site for a group here in California that explores the paranormal as I was curious about ghosts and some stuff that has been happening in my home. One web site said that ghosts exist because of Newtons law that energy can not be destroyed but only changes. If this is true and people are energy doesn't this prove that ghosts exist? Any information would help. Thanks in advance! :)

Hello Macy,

 Your question is interesting in so many ways. First that a paranormal group would attribute the First Law of Thermodynamics, the Conservation of Energy principle to someone who died 150 years before its concept. Newton's work may have laid certain ground work, but he had nothing to do with the actual theory and proof of the conservation of energy discovery.

 That being said the 1st law [of thermodynamics - which I will here on shorten to the 1st law]has been stated over and over again as being 'scientific proof' of the survival of personality or mind after physical death by many new agers, psychics and mediums and of course more than a few paranormal group. Simply put the law states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed in a closed system - that it can only change states. Now that does lend some validity to energy not dying when we die, but not completely. First of all, all of our physical, that is to say material, energy is spoken for. We decompose, and that feeds micro organisms, we heat up so some energy is used as heat. When we have finished feeding our body energy to the bacteria we are left as a bunch of bones which is in essence potential energy. Yup, all of that energy is accounted for.

 That leaves us with what one could call psychic energy or the energy of the mind. There are only two ways for this energy to react to death. It either remains the same, or some of it is lost from living to death as heat. The second law of thermodynamics, which psychics, new agers and the like tend to ignore is the fly in the ointment. That law states that there is never an equal exchange of energy from one state to another, that some is always lost as heat [the 'thermo' part of thermodynamics]. This is what is known as Entropy. Even if this subtle energy were to survive the transfer from life to death unchanged, it would likely lose energy to entropy during ghostly contact or activity. If one is to use one of the laws of thermodynamics to present a case for ghosts, then one must abide by ALL of the laws of thermodynamics. It's like the song says, " can't have one without the other."

 So you can see that nothing so far can absolutely prove the existence of ghosts. On the other hand so far there is nothing that can absolutely disprove the existence of ghosts.The 1st law would be able to account for life after death provided no contact from the spirit realm to the physical realm was made. Once a large exchange of energy is required, for contact for example, entropy rears its head.

 One more thing about thermodynamics is that eventually all energy will burn out, known as heat death. That means that eternity will have to exist in near absolute zero [minus 459 degrees F].

 Of course, we have no idea how the laws of physics may exist in another dimension, so the laws may not apply there as they would here. It is impossible to use science developed and used in our three dimensional concept of reality to explore a 4th or better dimension. The truth is that we may never be able to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt as all to the evidence so far is circumstantial. I personally have seen more than one full body apparition, and try as I might, science can not either explain what I saw nor convince me that I didn't experience what I've seen. Kirk was wrong, space is not the final frontier, death is.

 I hope that I helped in some way. Basically my answer is that there are no absolute answers in this field. There are so many variables. Again it is hard to apply our set of scientific facts with elements that may forever be out of our reach or understanding - while we live at least.

Take care,

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