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Yesterday I woke up in the morning as usual and I noticed markings on my chest when I looked in the mirror. There were two different sets of marks. The first was directly over top of my breast bone and it looked as though someone had pressed their fingertips into my body really hard. The marks were dark red and even had a nail imprint. The second almost looked as though someone's four-fingered slap print was on my chest above my left breast. It could have also been scratch marks. The two were not connected physically and it did not hurt unless I actually thought about it. I was able to take pictures of the scratches.
It took place in my boyfriends house, which everyone has heard footsteps, one woman saw a room that was filled with smoke, and there have been secured items flying off of the mantle. I believe it was a week or two ago that I saw a shape of a person in the steam of the mirror after getting out of the shower for several days. Around the same time, I saw a shadow of a man in the reflection of a cabinet and I told him not to mess with me while I was getting my work done, then allowed him to do whatever and thanked him for leaving me be.
How do I know if this is a spirit, ghost, or demon? Should I be concerned? How do I understand the message, if there is one? HELP!

Greetings Amber,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for choosing me on and thank you for being so patient in waiting for my reply.

Based on the information that you have supplied to me, it is in my professional opinion that your experience may have been caused by active Spiritual Phenomena within your boyfriends home.

Because of the nature of the phenomena as you have described it to me, IF your boyfriends home is being affected by a spirit entity it is very possible that they are trying to make contact or make themselves known.

There are a number of reasons as to why a spirit entity would try to make contact with us here on the Earth plane:

1> They may have passed away suddenly, so suddenly in fact that they do not realise that they have passed away. If this is the case, they would need to be told that their time has come and that they must now rest in peace within the Spirit Plane and in doing so, leaving those who dwell within the property to live the rest of their physical lives in peace.

2> Their Spirit may be lost or bound on the Earth Plane and they may need to either be shown the way to the Spirit Plane or moved on from there.

3> If they passed away slowly, painfully or traumatically such as being murdered then they may be angry and/or seeking reparation for their death.

4> Some Spirits can become attached to a person or a place because they feel as though their time has come prematurely and do not wish to move into the Spirit Plane.

If you were one of my clients, at this point I would arrange a professional Investigation of your boyfriends home and offer to perform something called a 'Cleansing'.

A Cleansing is a proven effective method of assisting active spirit entities to move on and dissipate any residual spiritual energies.

A Cleansing can be performed by a reputable Spiritual Professional such as a Medium, Priest or Spiritual Interventionist like myself. They should be able to discover whether or not there are any active spirit entities or residual energies causing the phenomena and they would be able to intervene as necessary for the benefit of both the Spirit and the physical beings such as yourself ultimately being affected by their phenomena.

You should be careful when seeking out a spiritual professional as unfortunately the spiritual field does contain many frauds and people who could subsequently make the phenomena worse. A true spiritualist professional would not charge for their services although they might charge you to cover the cost of their travel. You should never part with any money otherwise.

If you have objects as your say "flying of the mantle" then this type of phenomena would tend to be attributed to that of a Poltergeist. A Poltergeist is a type of Spirit with a high level of energy which it uses to cause physical effects on our environment. Poltergeist activity can be a Spirit or a powerful residual energy that needs to be dissipated; a spiritual professional can do this for you.

No, I don't think that you have any reason to be concerned. What you must remember is that if it is a Spirit Entity there is nothing to be afraid of as in "real life" this type of phenomena is nothing as what it is portrayed as in movies. Spirit Entities are just the energies of a physical being like yourself. Rather than being afraid of them, we should be sympathetic and supportive as they may be there to protect us, they may be lost, they may be bound and they need someone to help them find the way. On the other hand, they may be what I would refer to as a 'Lower Entity' which tend to be negative and inquisitive spirit, not fully formed and tend to cause the more active phenomena such as a Poltergeist.

Even so, regardless of the type of phenomena, you don't have anything to worry about.

I would strongly advise against using an Ouija Board as these a very powerful tools used to communicate with the Spirit Plane and can result in negative, undesirable and even dangerous consequences if not used correctly. For this reason I would not advise that you use one as it could possibly make the phenomena worse.

In search of a Spiritualist professional you may wish to contact a local Spiritualist Church and there may even be some in the phone book or online but ensure that you ask for references and that they are reputable.

I realise that there is quite some distance between yourself and me however, I am always here to help and support you when needed. You can find me here on and of course on my official website at

I hope that I have been able to answer your question today and wish you the very best of luck in resolving your case as soon as possible so that you all may continue to live your lives as normal.

Once again, thank you for choosing me on and please do not hesitate to contact me or follow-up on this question if you require further assistance.

Would you be so kind as to rate me? I am always grateful of any feedback that i receive so that I may endeavor to provide the best possible service to you. Thank you for your time.

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