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QUESTION: I am a 60 year old retired paramedic - Our home was built in 1946 in which My 87 year old  Mother reside along with Myself.Dad passed away at age 49 back in 1966.Ever since I can remember and that is way back into My toddler years I have always been aware of paranormal activity in this house. I could write a book on everything I experience and seen.As a child My parents thought I was imagining these things however now My Mother has come to realize that their is some type of spirit or entity activity in Our house. I also noticed that tragedy has struck other homes in the area also.Nothing but bad things ever happend in that house and on that property and its still going on. Here is the problem _ My Mother who is a roman catholic and extremely religious who has more statues and crosses in the house than the inside of the church has a hobby of dabbling in the occult. She was thought by Her Aunt MANY years ago how to dowse for spirits or however that is spelled. A thread is tied around Her wedding ring and She has a circle of letters with a cross drawn in the middle. She thinks that she is talking to her spirit guide and jesus etc. I told Her that She has NO idea what She is dealing with. Like talking to a lampshade. I believe that their is some negative entity on that property and also believe their is some type of vortex that is in a certain part of the house - believe it or not It appeared to me when I was around 10 during the night. I dont want to say what I seen come out of this what appeared to be a flourescent cave type opening that seemed to go downward. I let out a gut wrenching scream and My parents ran into the room and it just vanished. Of course they did not believe me said it was a bad dream. I have NO idea if this entity or votex was there before they built the house or if it developed later on. I feel like Im stuck between a rock and a hard place. Once Mom goes to her reward I am moving out of this house and will NEVER live there.One more note - Everyone on Moms side of the family has a six sense including Me and even My 35 year old daughter.I have not been afraid of this thing for many years as I grew angry over the years and that anger took away My fear. However We have had nothing but bad luck for as long as I can remember. It frustrates me to no end that My Mother still dabbles in this occult stuff.My 56 year old brother still remembers the night this event took place. As I said I could write a book on the nights I spent in that room . I really dont care if anyone believes it however I sure would like to know what this is and why it is there. I believe it was there even before Mom started dabbling in the occult. Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.I only shared this story with one other person on the internet and She wanted to publish it - She said it would be entertaining to others. I became very angry and said this is NO Joke and not a a source or entertainment as it destroyed My family and is still affecting us now.

ANSWER: Hi Dave,

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I know you're despairing over the situation you've endured on and off for decades in you mother's home. This is a complex situation. It's one that I think is best discussed off the board. However, I will give you a general idea of what has happened.

I believe your home, along with others, is built on or near an Indian mound. Disturbance of this land has created some of the spiritual problems occurring there. There is also the issue of the families affinity for psychic abilities which draws not only lost souls - ghosts - but negative entities trying to masquerade as ghosts during a first infestation stage and during the second stage of oppression. Third, your mother's open invitations by dabbling into the Astral plane has put a big WELCOME sign on your house. Human spirits are definitely flocking there.

The vortex-like manifestation you saw as a child was not a vortex or entity. It was Native American spirit energy. They can be very atypical types of energy - nature forms - when showing themselves. There is no vortex involved in your home. I think the spot you believe to be a vortex is something extremely negative hunkering down there which came in via your mother's activities.

Dowsing itself isn't bad. It's how you use it. Most people abuse using the dowsing technique. Combining dowsing with letters or symbols can be a Quija board. Really your mother isn't using her dowsing for God because she's not seeking information from the Light to serve God but for her own entertainment or needs. At this point she is using magic to contact the dead and worse. She is in no way in sync with the heavenly realm. Prayer and faith reaches God. The answers will then come from Him or Jesus.

That, along with her obsessive behavior, negates any rational practice of discernment - knowing the truth of what you're dealing with. She is being manipulated to continue her dowsing continuously when she should be praying for answers and living active faith to serve others and God's will.

Everything is so confusing because it's a stew of unwholesome ingredients. Contact me offline privately if you want to at There are ways to work through this.


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QUESTION: Hello Christine

         I tried to contact You as You suggested through Your website at Ghostecho however I have not heard back from You. Our cell phone number is 401- 390-6406 this is My Daughters number who lives with me. It would mean so much to Me if You could have a phone conversation their is only so much one can say in an email.

What I mentioned in My Question was only the tip of the iceburg, I could write a book about this situation that would put Ray Bradbury to shame. Even if We only share one conversation by phone it would help Me out tremendously . I need info on how I should deal with this situation which in My opinion " and other family members " that whatever is on that property has adversely affected all of Our lives and continues to do so in this day and age. I am looking forward to hearing from You and any info You can provide will be appreciated beyond belief. thanks Dave

ANSWER: Hello Dave,

I received your messages after being out of town for Thanksgiving and doing a two day investigation over the weekend. I'm also handling a few more cases to investigate. No slight intended. It's just that field work takes time.

I will call you within the next few days.


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QUESTION: Hello Christine here we go again - the number I gave You is now turned off so please call Me at  the best time to reach Me is late afternoons into the evening. thanks Dave

Hi Dave,

Is the number ending in 6406 unavailable? If so I need another number to call. Can you give me one? If not, please go to my site and use the number presented there and call me.

Let me know what you want to do.


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