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Hi Greg

At times I can feel, or at least think I feel the spirit a certain deceased person around me. I have also had many many dreams about this person too, this has abviously caused me to feel emotions about them which to me is not a problem - it just is what it is. I have now been told by a mystic that this spirit is not who I think it is, and its actually a dark entity pretending to be this person. I don't feel or believe that this is true, but then again I was told I was being fooled by this negative entity. I was also told to clear all thoughts of this person out of my mind. My question is is there a way to tell if a spirit is the spirit you believe it to be - the genuine one, or if its a mischievous one pretending to be the real one?

Thanks so much

Hi Tarryn,

 First off I'd like to express my thanks for your patience. The investigation that we were running into the haunting took longer than expected. Then we ran into a dense fog on the way back to the city and had to crawl most of the way back. I just woke up!

 It is not uncommon for someone who was familiar or close to us in life to continue to be around us after they have passed. Yes, they can appear to us in dreams should they so desire. However the majority of dreams are just that - dreams. It can be difficult to tell which dreams are being influenced by the deceased and which are merely dreams. Regardless of the origin, the dreams seem comforting and benign.

 The only problem that I see with your situation is that this person is not where they should be. This person is most likely existing as a ghost and not as an evolved spirit. In other words, it has remained earthbound for whatever his/her reason[s] and is existing as a ghost. A spirit is one who has passed into the light and has the chance to learn, grow and evolve to a higher level of both energy and existence. Spirits can return to the earth realm in visitation, ghosts are trapped between the two realms, usually of their own accord. They do not belong there. It is a sad state for the deceased. When you feel the presence, you may wish to firmly, but gently tell him/her to look up [ghosts tend to stare downward at he earth plane]. Tell it to look for the light. Ask that the guardians and guides of your friend come for their charge and to lead them into the light. Tell your friend that he/she is free to visit after it has gone into the light.

 As for the mystics "advice'. Everything is negative to some people. I believe that television and movies have a lot to do with that. Just look at all of the programs dealing with ghosts. The negative side is always highlighted. That is what people want and that is what will sell the program to the sponsors. Next time a program about ghosts is aired take a look at the long list of closing credits. Each one of those people is expecting a pay check. That is the reality! Scary sells.

 That being said, if your friend were of evil intent you would likely have felt the malevolence long before now. This is based on the assumption that your ghost was not an evil person in life. As I can only go by the information of your letter and as you indicate that you are not bothered by this presence in an evil, negative or malicious way that this person was not of an evil disposition. In all honesty, I do not see any reason why a mischief maker would be playing with your emotions. Some might say that an elf or fairy or what have you is responsible - whatever!. Chances are that you have a ghost that is near you and should be sent home, or at least be given the option to go where it will be happier. Like Dicken's Jacob Marley, ghosts are famous for forging their own chains... their mental links to a life past.

 The only way to tell exactly who or what is affecting you and your environment is to find a medium of quality. They do exist, albeit they are extremely rare. The best are born into their art. However Tarryn, I feel that you have a pretty good grasp on who is responsible. There is no reason to doubt your own intuition. People are born with an ability to "feel". There is physiological proof of this in our bodies. Intuition is real and there is no reason to cast any doubt on yours, as Madame See-All-Know-All has. Trust yourself on this, I belief that you are correct.

 As a precaution you may ask that your guardians and guides and the Archangel Michael watch over you and protect you. Do so nightly. You do not need a long drawn out invocation. Keep it simple they know who you are and your needs. Ceremonies are more to satisfy us, not them.

 I hope that this has helped in some way. Should you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Take care.  

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