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QUESTION: I encountered spirits in my house. I had a person would somewhat was into the paranormal come over and after a brief while he told me there were 3 spirits in the house, but they meant no harm. I can tell you that they took things, moved things around and would make noise, and mess the the volume of the radio. He told me to just ask for our belongs back, and sure enough they would appear. Once I asked for a bracelet back and I walked into the basement and as I stepped of the last step the bracelet fell out of the ceiling and onto the floor in front of me. I am wondering what kind of spirits these would be and how they got trapped here? I was told that they were attracted to my spirit. Is that possible? It is true that this is not the only house where I have had situations like this. Thanks for your help.

As a scientific researcher there is not much I can offer here, other than from experience. My feeling is they are probably children, and being mischievous. They probably look up to you as a mother figure and need some discipline from time to time. So perhaps in a way they are attracted to you, but need rules established. Be firm and fair and see what happens.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your advice. It is greatly appreciated. I am very curious as how the spirit of a child or children could became trapped in a house? I am thinking about writing a book on this house, and would love to have your expertise! I would even be willing to give you a mention in this book if you could help me with some background on haunting and this house. I know your time is valuable so any help you could give me will not go unmentioned.


They are not trapped. Its a common misconception. Paranormal activity is cyclic, meaning it comes and goes. It is not of this world, therefore it requires a conduit to interact. These conduits are transitory. So when the conduit forms, the area is active. On my website is the result of our research into these conduits, called the wormhole theory. I have this written up on my website, under the research tab.

I will be happy to help, but bear in mind my time is limited due to research demands and my own projects and writing. But always willing to help as I can.

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