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Hey my name is Isaiah and I need an interview for my junior research project, and I was wondering if you would be interested in answering some questions for me?

If Yes May you please answer these questions.

1. What do you consider to be a ghost?
2. What are the odds that someone will find a ghost?
3. What were some of your experiences like involving ghost?
4. Have you ever encountered a poltergeist? If so what was it like?
5. Can there be good ghost or are all of them here to scare and haunt people?
6. Have you ever conversated with a ghost, if so can you give an example on what you and it were talking about?
7. If I thought I had a ghost in my house what would you suggest i do?
8. What is one of your weirdest, or hardest to explain, cases invovling ghost or exorcism?
9. What kind of events do you consider to be paranormal phenomena?
10. What are ways you can tell if someones is possessed by demon or poltergeist?

Thanks for helping me out i really appreciate it.

P.s can you send this to my school email as well please,  

Hi Isaiah,

Whomever you sent your question to has passed it through to our question pool for someone else to answer .. so I collected it there.

1)  You'll find some of your answers on my webpage -

2)  Ghosts are everywhere, for reasons of their own.  If a person is psychic they might sense a ghost or two, but generally people don't, or if they do, they don't recognise what they are seeing, feeling or hearing as being ghostly.

3)   you can pick what you want from there ..

4)  Yes, I have met poltergeist energy.  In my opinion it is not a ghost.  Poltergeist energy is created by living people, such as teenagers who are going through puberty and creating lots of angry and upset emotions.  The energy gathers and causes things to literally move around them, particularly if they are not allowed to express themselves, but must keep the anger quiet .. or try to .. inside them.

5)  Yes, there can be good ghosts.  Ghosts are people, they simply don't have their living bodies anymore.  People don't automatically become evil when they die, but they do suffer from being separated from heaven, and over time, many many years, will become hungrier and angrier.  It's better to cross over quickly, then they can come back and visit us without affecting our energy in a negative way.

6)  I have talked to many ghosts.  Mostly they are concerned with whatever event or belief trapped them between heaven and earth.  I have counselled them on that and then crossed them into heaven.  They are not wise, just because they are dead .. they are the person they were when they were alive.

7)  Clear your house.  Ask the minister of your local church to come in and bless it, or get a medium, someone who can talk to ghosts, to come in and talk the ghost into heaven.  Or use an Invocation to clear the house .. there are a variety but I like mine:  The instructions are on the webpage.

8)  One of the weirdest .. the guy who wanted to take my head off with an axe .. only the axe was ghostly too, so he got rather frustrated?  That was also the funniest, because I was in a group who was doing 'rescue work' (finding and sending ghosts into heaven) and those who could 'see' ghosts got to giggle as much as I did.  The most serious, walking into a house where an incubus (sexual demon) was haunting a lady.  The energy of the house was just nasty, sharp and painful to feel, like being stabbed with needles.  Clearing the house was a pleasure that day.  

I have yet to find an event I couldn't explain.

9)  The meaning of paranormal is "Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific" .. so practically anything that doesn't seem usual can be defined that way.  Ghosts, demons, poltergeists, angels, elemental entities (nature spirits), and aliens are all considered paranormal.  So are gifts like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance and other psychic gifts, but they are become more 'normal' these days, as people wake up to the gifts already inside them.


Lots of reading for you to do.  

And no, we can't send emails to your school email because we don't get to the see the email addresses of the people we answer questions for.

But you can write to me if you want clarification of anything ..

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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