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When I was only 4 or 5 I had a strange experience which I have never been able to get to the bottom of.
I was in the hallway of our home when suddenly the hallway was filled with a bright light which was gradually coming closer to me.  It was like the effect you get when you draw a large O with a lit sparkler but as though it had been drawn many times.  It rotated, as it moved up the hallway towards me.  It wasn't a white light, rather yellow/orange and it filled the hallway.  The hallway was quite dark and the light was very bright.
Being very small I was frightened and ran away to tell someone and when I went back it was gone and I never saw anything like it again.

It is very difficult to answer this type of question as reaching a conclusion is difficult without evidence to analyze. But I will say that paranormal phenomena is associated with light emissions, and these emissions tend to be from what I believe is a wormhole. It may be that you witnessed wormhole formation and light emission associated with a near paranormal or paranormal event.

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