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"This happened to me over 20 years ago while I was still living at home with my parents. The situation was that I worked the overnight shift and my parents worked days. On the morning in question, I was in bed to sleep before my parents ever left for work. Sometime between 9am and 1pm I was awakened by a series of events. I remember I definitely woke up and was not still asleep. The first thing that woke me up was that our little poodle that was sleeping with me tensed and began growling very low. I had my hand on her and was immediately scared. In fact I was too scared to open my eyes. As the dog continued growling I tightened my grip on her so she wouldn't move to the end of the bed. That is my second "event". In my room there was a window at the foot of my bed that the sunlight would shine through on sunny days like this one was. While I'm keeping my dog from moving to the end of the bed, I could clearly tell that "someone" had walked to the foot of me bed and they were blocking the light that was previously shining through the window. At this point I was so scared that I was concerned about my safety and despite trying to carefully and slightly open my eyes I could not. At this point I began experiencing a slowly increasing ringing in my ears. The last thing I remember was the dog stopped growling and whatever was blocking the sunlight moved. I believe I "blacked out at this point". I don't know how much time passed from when the event ended and when I woke up but I immediately got up to investigate the house and look for any signs that someone else had entered the house. The first thing I noticed was the back door was unlocked. My parents admitted to leaving the door unlocked. Upon searching the house I noticed that all the windows were closed and locked and no valuables were missing.
As a sidenote,I feel I should mention a previously unknown event that happened to my sister when she lived at home and slept in the same room where my event occurred. Years later, after telling my sister what happened to me she shared her story with me. She explained that she was awakened late one night by a girl standing beside her bed "nudging" her trying to get her attention. Incredibly, my sister was not alarmed by this because the girl had long hair like our sister. She just assumed it was her trying to wake her up so they could sneak out to a party. In fact, my sister remembered saying leave me alone I'm too tired tonight. It wasn't until she confronted our sister the next day that she began to realize it was someone else. She recalled that the girl had her face hidden behind her hair and that the girl seemed to be "slouching".
Also, it may or may not be important but our house sat a "stones throw" from the main cemetery in our small town.
I'm hoping you can "solve" this mystery for me to the best of your ability. I have always wondered who or what was in my room that day. I hope you can give me some answers.
Thank you"

Hello Chris,

The spirit who blocked the sunlight from the window was a man. His name was Matthew. He came to you in desperation. He was very depressed and angry in life. His wife divorced him and he died suddenly of an illness afterwards. It was a painful death from cancer. There was coughing up blood which he ignored until he expired without time to seek help. The divorce was a big issue with him as well as his own death. He was not connected to the cemetery but he lived near you.

I believe he shared his last few death minutes with you, thus your ringing ears and the blackout. That's how it was for him. Sometimes souls will project their death feelings onto others as aches and pains, emotional feelings or painful pressure sensations around the body or head. Your dog was well aware of him and reacted to his angry demeanor. He could not hurt you, but he certainly imposed himself mentally on your head.

The female spirit your sister experienced was about sixteen years old and was killed by her father. She was struck on the back by him which may have been broken in some way. The father got angry and hit her - another desperate soul seeking help and comfort. Her name was Megan. Not from the cemetery either.

I suspect you and your sister at least have latent psychic abilities that may run in the family on your father's side. The spirits were wanderers.

If you're fearful of this kind of activity around you, mentally ask angels to protect you from feeling or knowing that they are around. You can close yourself off to this kind of spiritual attraction if you want to. Lost human souls most often approach at night when you are open and relaxed - the same reason people see things while reading, watching TV, taking a bath etc. This quiet time means you're not mind-focused but more intuitively receptive to subtle sounds and sights in your environment.

Hope this helped.

Take care,

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