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Hi Ama-

Several weeks ago, I felt the energy of my future husband, I called him the ONE. This energy was clear, crisp, and like a blue sunny day in the summer. His energy was all over my body for several hours.  I tried to channel my energy and talked to him so, we can meet. I've been doing that for three weeks, but we still haven't met. I don't know what else I should do to meet him soon. I feel that I need him in my life at this moment and his appearance will be a real blessing.

Can you tell me ways I can or should do show we both can meet?

Thank you very much!

Looking for the One

Hi 'the One',

I am sorry I cannot give you the answer you want, but I will give you an explanation of what I think is happening because you are not the first person to ask me this question.  My answer is always the same.  If there was only one perfect person in the world for each of us, we would probably end up very lonely, because they might have been born on the other side of the world, or in generations far apart from ours.  The truth is there are lots of people that will compliment us in many ways, perhaps forever, but perhaps only for a few years, or decades, before each of us goes off on our own path again, leaving them behind.

People come to me heartbroken because the person they thought was 'the one' turned out to not be who they thought they were.  Oh yes, the sex was great to start with, and while they were madly in love they didn't see each other's faults, but when it came to the long term, each did not have the tolerance to accept the other in all their imperfections .. no, the faults turn into fractures and the 'soul mate' relationship ended up more like a war, or a silent stalemate, where both parties were wounded, not just by each other, but because they believed they were 'soul mates' .. of the 'twin flame' variety .. which is a new age concept completely full of holes.

There's another way of looking at what happened to you, because its happened to other people before now, and is a growing problem.  It's when a dark entity, pretending to be human, comes upon a willing person, invades their privacy usually in sexual ways, leaves them feeling wonderful .. and craving more of the same.  They stay away until the living person invites them back, and the situation becomes a problem because then the entity doesn't leave but instead starts to harass the person in inappropriate ways and at embarrasing times.  If the visit was of a sexual nature, then the entity is known as an incubus, and yes, you will be wanting to meet the living person who produced that beautiful feeling in you .. only they don't exist.  

When entities try to speak to me I always ask them who they are and if they come in the name of Jesus Christ, or God's pure Light.  They have to answer 'yes, I come in the name of Jesus Christ', or the other, not just 'yes' or make jokes about the question.  I recommend you do this the next time your 'visitor' turns up, and he will come, since you have been signalling him continuously for the past three weeks.  I'd stop that now.  When it happens demand the entity leave 'in the name of Jesus Christ' and never return.  And keep this Invocation handy ..  I'd even suggest you do it now before the situation gets out of hand.  

If it was your new husband-to-be, that will be more incentive to turn up for you in person, since he can't get what he wants as an astral being - and he'll arrive in his own time, which is Spirit's time, not ours, much as we'd like to be able to say 'where and when' things should happen.

If you are supposed to meet someone special soon, he'll turn up in some ordinary way, or place, like the supermarket, or your favourite park.  He's not supposed to drop in a ghost, there's no joy in having a relationship with someone you can't see, or touch, except when it suits them ..

I am sorry I can't be of more help,
Love & Peace

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