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For two days I heard loud cracking sounds all over the house, they seem to not come from just the walls and windows, but on doors, stairs, and tables. On the first day I "felt" the presence of something, and kept having so many odd imaginings, like seeing an old mirror from the eighteen hundreds as if it had been so familiar to me, as well as other odd visions. Another vision contained an old grey cabin in a dark forest, accompanied by the sensation of very subtle touching sensations on me. I'm almost drained of energy when I come home, and this energy drain is beginning to negatively impact my musical interest and academic performance. I've had an obsession after this incident with my spiritual work, mostly Christian, New Age and Buddhist teachings, mainly Christian. I felt this paralyzing fear after hearing a knock on the front window of my room, it was extremely expressive in pitch and context, not like a simple crack. Also experienced a few nightmares/dreams I'm not going to describe in public, but believe me, they were sickening. These nightmares were not in anyway associated with my personality or my occasional dreams. I heard banging noises so loud they would awaken me, so I expelled any demonic entities to make sure this wasn't a haunting, especially after hearing the neighbors dogs barking and dogs barking that passed by the house . On the third day I heard nothing except cracking noises everywhere, even my brother heard it (Usually gone) and said its just the season, and mentioned, "Maybe it's something else?" a bit jokingly, and looked at me a bit strange when I asked him, almost a suspicious look. I was afraid of sleep that night, and kept all the lights on and stayed up the entire night, after hearing tapping noises coming from my back window. This was followed up with a shocking text message "and" email from a friend. The paper contained bible verses he wrote down on a sheet of paper. This sheet of paper in the photograph taken on his iphone had a man in a black robe praying (I pointed it out to him), he also took notice of this, and remarked how odd it was. On the fifth day of this phenomena, a razor blade on my bedroom floor somehow cut the very top of my ankle on my way to the restroom. I've been awoken by noises at six in the morning, and the cracking noises literally seem as if they are following me. For example, if I leave the house I hear cracking at the front door as I walk to my car (if I'm home alone). The creepiest experience by far was when I heard something that sounded like chains down stairs. I began to question my sanity so I researched other people's experiences. I took suggestions from even non- believers, and realized I've either recently developed a psychosis, or I'm being haunted. So I took some beta-blockers and spent the entire day in meditation, and prayed, even dismissed everything as imagination. Didn't work! If anything, it feels as though it made things worse, especially meditation and avoidance, I could hear voices and couldn't identify the language or speech, and truly believe, as well as my church, that this is a haunting of some sort, I'm so humiliated by this!  Almost guilty remembering this in public! I can say safely nothing like this happens in public, not even at night, or when I'm alone. Other than, coincidentally, a few groups brought up god in their conversations quite a bit, and one of the students called out 66 as the number when the teacher asked the class to pick any number in my economics lecture.  What do you suggest for now? What kind of a spirit do you think this is, and what does it want? In my prayer, sometimes I feel this spirit can be benevolent at times during the day, and at night it seems to be most active, kind of coming and going. This will be all I reveal typing this in my home, and to the public. My senior pastor told me to not think about these spirits, and "DO NOT" communicate with them, just ask God and Christ to send them away, and do not pay attention.  Buddhist believe the opposite, you should meditate, respect the spirits, and try to understand their intention, evil or good. What do you suggest? Know that this is a humiliating phenomena to explain to my brother.

Thank you so much!

ANSWER: Hello Taylor,

Such a lot of information, which is very helpful - I decided to break it up into sections.

1) There's a 'privacy' button somewhere on the Allexperts question site that you can change the message to a private one, just to start with.  If you find that, and want to, I would be interested to know about your dreams.  Otherwise write to me privately with the answers to my various questions below .. and then only you and I will be having this conversation.

2) People don't do things wrong to be haunted, so you have nothing to be embarrassed about where anyone else, mostly particularly your brother, is concerned.  Where really dark entities are concerned, its more likely that they harass very good people.  The dark has more fun breaking the spirit of good people because evil ones, in a sense, already belong to them.

3) You might be dealing with more than one entity.  A ghost can hang around 24 hours a day, and a person might never know they were there at all, until something brings them to your attention, or they decide they want you to know they are there.  That might provide some of the noises, and the feeling of benevolence during the day, which changes at night, and the images you catch either in the corner of your eye, or that you see in your mind.

4) First question - how long has this been going on?

5) You said you are almost drained of energy when you come home .. do you mean after you arrive home, or that you are somewhere else when that feeling starts?

6) How did you expel the demonic entities?  And by the sound of things, you are haunted, or your home now is, rather than you personally - given that things don't happen when you are away from the house.

7) What was shocking about the text message and the email?  Where did the man take the photo you mentioned .. or did it just appear on his phone?

8) Not discounting the experience, but you might have stepped on the edge of the razor without seeing it and flipped it up.  How bad was the cut?

9) What time of day or night did you hear chains down the stairs?  What were you doing at the time?

10) I'm not sure what effect you thought the beta blockers would have.  They lower the heart rate, but so does natural valerian, and its not as likely to harm you.  Meditation raises your vibrations and makes it easier to communicate with ghosts, if you have the gifts, and given what you have written, I am assuming you are clairvoyant (clear sight/vision) and clairaudient (clear hearing).  

11) I am not sure why the number 66 is relevant.  Did you mean 666 .. which, btw, is not the number for the devil, but for Nero, who was persecuting the Christians when Revelation was written.  The devil's number is actually 616 according to gematria, where the original numbering system comes from.

I agree not to communicate with ghosts.  It's better a person trained in spirit rescue does, if the need arises.  It's all very well saying 'don't pay attention' but think of a ghost like a small child .. when it wants attention it can get quite demanding, and the dark thrives on your fear, so if you pretend to ignore, but are still frightened, they can sense it.  So, don't carefully ignore things, but try and treat them as if they are normal sounds, as if the house is just shifting, as they do as our weather changes.

Of everything you have described, nothing but the razor has been harmful, and that might have an innocent explanation.  The noises could well be the way the ghost has developed to draw your attention to its presence.  Being me I tend to tell ghosts to 'take it outside', but I am not frightened of them, and fear is what they feed from .. so as I said, and your pastor, don't talk to them.

Do this instead .. you have really two choices.  Will your pastor come to your house and bless it to cleanse it of negative entities?  You'll have to remove everything new agey and buddhist from sight, the church tends to either decide we are haunted because of that stuff, or refuse to do anything to help us until its gone.  Or both.  Or you can use this Invocation  

to clear your energy, and then do it for your home .. that should settle things down.  There's also another Invocation linked to that page that you might like to do, to make yourself feel better.  If things don't quieten down, as I said, write to me privately (if you haven't already) and we can do something about it from here .. yes, distance clearings work well.  In person is better though, because it helps you relieve your own mind about the experience.  

If a burglar broke into your home and made you very upset, I hope your brother would jump to your defence.  A ghost is a form of burglar .. they come in uninvited, take stuff they don't own, frighten the owners of the house, and then, with luck .. or help .. go away again.  Just because most people can't see ghosts .. doesn't mean they don't exist.  maybe your brother could understand the situation that way?

Love & Peace

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QUESTION: Sent you an email. Thank you! I can upload my response to this site if you feel it is ok for the public to see.

Hi Taylor,

I don't see anything inappropriate in the information you sent me privately.  If you want to share it with the public its up to you, otherwise we can have it remain just between us.  I will be answering it in private.

Love & Peace

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