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When I was pregnant with my child, things would move throughout the house. Unexplained noises and lights would appear. Loud noises or slamming doors would occur when I would kiss the babies father. He eventually became abusive, almost like this "spirit" knew? Now my child is here. She is 6 weeks old, and she often stares off into random areas with a terrible look on her face(sometimes she cries). I look for bright colors or lights that may be drawing her attention, and there is never anything interesting that she stares at. Her grandmother, the baby's father's mother, passed away in 2005. I took my child to her grave to see if that may clear things up. My baby starting flailing her arms and kicking her legs, and then all of the sudden a misty, foggy figure passed by us. Could you shed some light on this situation? Does this sound threatening or something I should be alarmed about?

Hi Madeline,

Thank you for sharing your situation with me.

I am concerned about the child's being involved in this potential problem. Obviously if you took the child to the grandmother's grave, you have suspicions about what may be happening. I do feel your family has a negative energy around you and has for a long time. Abusive behavior or changes towards aggression in a person can be negative influences. In your case, this may be a generational problem on your husband's side.

It's essential that you avoid fear. It will paralyze you and you need to be focused and calm to make some decisions about your situation. First, staying in an abusive situation is not healthy for you or your child. Second, you and the child are in harm's way with a negative power that is connected to your husband.

Pray and have faith if you stay in this environment. Protect you and your child with white light of God's protection. If you get very scared, call upon your guides, angels and Archangel Michael to stand between you and danger from either your husband or your invisible house guest. You must be a warrior Hannah because you must protect your infant child. You have power over bad things. You have willpower to fight quietly with positive intent. Use it along with heavenly resources.

In between pray to Jesus or God to give peace and positive change to your home life in all ways. Never, ever sacrifice yourself or your child to abuse and malevolence because you're afraid to leave if nothing changes. There is never a point where you can't change your life by asking for Divine help.

You may contact me privately if you like to discuss this further.


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