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QUESTION: i need your help.. can you help me?? i feel the feeling of someone something with me always... .. that i cant see. but i know it is there .. when ever something great is about to happen .. suddenly some shit occurs .. i think some one has done kaala jaadu ( black magic) and released some jin or something .. behind me.. please suggest me something so that i can know that that unseen force is really there... like a lemon turning red or something.. some way that i can know that it is really there and i can then know what to do and seek help...

i have often removed some chits and pieces of paper hanging on the trees with black threads and red threads with muslim Quranic verses on it ..... and stood near some grave of people who were 80 years old and started talking to their graves hoping they would listen and bless me and grant me energy that is super natuaral and i would do good in my cricket as i am a cricketer... i know that is a really stupid thing to do but i did it at that time.. so now at the presence i need your help.. please help me... something is always there.. i feel t ...

ANSWER: Hello Abhinav Joshi,

If someone had done black magic on you you would have no doubts about it, because you would have been told it had happened, rather than just be wondering about it.  We can upset ourselves with our own fears on the subject, so I suggest you don't do that by deciding you are cursed in any way or form.  Negative things do happen in people's lives, just when they think something wonderful is going to happen, and it doesn't take a negative entity to create that .. often we create it for ourselves, by not being careful or thoughtful in what we do.  It's very easy to blame 'something else' .. when we should really be looking at why we are not allowing ourselves to experience the many good things we can in life.

I don't know of any activity to give you to prove there are unseen entities around you< I just know they are there, because I can sense them too.  For the most part, those around us are there for our greater good, angels and devi, who look after us.  Yes, there are those that wish us harm, but there are far less of them and they are not nearly as powerful as we think, until we give them permission to harm us with our fears, as I said above.  

What I can give you is an Invocation that clears all negativity from around you.  I believe you are Muslim, and the Muslim people also believe in Jesus, as a prophet, so saying this Invocation will work for you .. as it has for 1000's of people before you, over the past 15 years.  You'll find it here:   The instructions are on the webpage.  

In my long experience there are very few spirits hanging around in graveyards, and those that do are more likely to be the lost ones who will latch onto your energy and follow you home.  Instead of asking them for help, is there a particular God or Goddess that you honour that you could go and ask for help from?  Is there one that particularly likes sports?  I would be talking to that Devi instead.

Love & Peace

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QUESTION: i have seen images.. movements. black magic was just a doubt that i had that could have been done..

i have often removed some chits and pieces of paper hanging on the trees with black threads and red threads with muslim Quranic verses on it ..... and stood near some grave of people who were 80 years old and started talking to their graves hoping they would listen and bless me and grant me energy that is super natuaral and i would do good in my cricket as i am a cricketer... i know that is a really stupid thing to do but i did it at that time.. so now at the presence i need your help.. please help me... something is always there

blood on my hand and feet and the sudden disappearing of it
now i have told you the whole truth

ANSWER: Hello again,

Images of what?  Movement of what?  Ghosts come and go.  They are people who no longer have their bodies.  There are shadow beings, that appear to move along walls and are like dark shadows in a dark room.  You might simply be like me, clairvoyant .. which means 'clear seeing' and you will see things like this.  If you are frightened, learned the Michael Invocation by heart and use it to clear your energy each time.  Plenty of people do.

I doubt the 'chits and pieces of paper', with Muslim writing or not, will do you any harm, but its disrespectful to take things that do not belong to you.  Standing at graves and talking to dead people, I do that every time I visit a graveyard.  I apologise for walking over them, when I am not sure if someone is buried under a section I am walking on.  I check for lost souls (ghosts) to make sure they have crossed over.  I know that they cannot provide anything for me because most spirits do not stay with their bodies in the ground, they go into whatever heaven they believe in.  It's only the lost who remain, and they are generally confused and not helpful at all.  The dead you talk to will not provide you with supernatural anything, they cannot even provide for themselves.  

As for improving your cricket .. try harder, practise more.  I would not trust a gift given from a dead person because you never know when it would fail .. how about right in the middle of the most important innings of your life?  Oh no, you improve your skill the same way everyone else does .. so that you can trust yourself when you go out to play.

The blood .. when, where and what was happening when it appeared?  How long did it stay? Could you smear it on another surface or was it only ghostly?

There's an old saying: the truth will set you free, so stick with it.

Love & Peace

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QUESTION: i was coming out of a video shop.. and i was walking to my house.. when i saw this red stuff on my hands.. my dad was walking right in front of me.. i saw the red blood and shouted at him.. '' look daddy there is blood on my hands and feet''  it took him about 10 seconds to get back to me where i was standing cuz he was way ahead of me.. but as he was coming towards me . i looked at my hands again and it was gone.. the blood was gone so i dont know if it was real or not .. this happened about 2 times...

and i took a paranormal test and it said that i was   clairvoyant.

but the thing is madam.. in my old villa's compound there was a small ally that i was scared to walk through after sunset .. but 2 years ago i did.. i ran through it with my friend.. he was with me also .. when running through it a small boy with brown legs and brown shorts and check shirt ran past by me on my left right side. i stopped .. i asked him that did he see that ?? he asked me confusingly .. i told him about this.. he said no.. and see i saw a lil boy ghost.. the place where my house was built was said to be a graveyard a long time ago.. i live in dubai. and i am an indian. a few months back i moved into india. now even here i am getting those feelings... and some times somethings i think off or dream about anything .. turns out to be true the very next day .. in india i believe its more scary here. .. dogs going in packs together running after invisible wind .... barking at it .. in night ..

situation # 2.

i was alone in my home sleeping in  my room. i had a blanket on .. and the blanket inspite of being on the bed and not hanging anywhere.. was being pulled from underr the bed. not 1 but many times..

honestly .. when i got scared at times i even shouted that who is it or what does it want from me.. and why ?? but this keeps on happening ..

and those chits of paper i was told not to remove cuz many people say that they have captured gins and evil spirits and hung them there.

and what i feel is that honestly that there is a spirit attached to me. who maybe wants something bad or good to happen to me.. but if it is there it should talk to me and tell me the thing .. THE THING. cuz i really feel whats inside should come out .. or just leave me alone..

and i am a hindu. and a little bit of sikh ..i follow sikhism ..

and i get goose bumps .. its not cuz i am negative ,. i am a very positive person.. very positive,, i dont really get things get into my head or me and make me out of control. cuz when ever i doubt my doubt turns out to be correct .. it might be wrong this time i dont know but thats until i find out .. i feel that there is always something there.. something .. cuz i can really feel it .. i have lived in haunted places  ever since i have come to india.. so i am not scared at those very moments.

but bats flying around.. hearing someone call my name from behind me .. where there is no one.. mystery... and some times that is 99.99% my gut feelings turn out to be true...

and if i can remember anything else will let you know.

Hello again,

My answer to question 1 would be that it was a clairvoyant image, in other words, there was no real blood on your hands and feet, only the memory of it .. probably provided by a ghost that was hanging around you trying to get your attention.

Yes, you saw the ghost of a boy.  Was he happy or sad?  He might simply have been playing.  As long as he didn't go home with you and continue to annoy you, he can play wherever he wants to.  We are still human even when we don't have our bodies anymore.

Ghosts are everywhere, and can move about freely now, so they look for people who 'feel' or 'seem' to be familiar and hang around them for a while, before, hopefully, moving on, or if they hang around folk like me, until they get sent into heaven for healing.

Clairvoyants can see into the future.  Sometimes it might be only for a few days, or it might be years ahead.  It's a psychic 'gift', one of many a person might have.

If you knew the beliefs associated with those pieces of paper, why did you take them?

The goosebumps feeling .. could happen when ghosts are around.  I get a cold chill, which is a very clear signal, a YES!, when I get something right that my guides and angels want me to notice.  

The Michael Invocation will work no matter what your beliefs are, because the angels are not religious and do not belong to any one particular religion.  They were created before humanity was, and before we created the various belief systems we have these days.  Do it and clear whatever entity is hanging around you, for both you and them.

Love & Peace

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