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I'm 14 yrs old and am really interested in parapsychology.
I wanna take it up as a career but the average salary's very low.
I've completed all my research on everything related to it.
Do you think I should take it up as a career?

Parapsychology is a very complex and constantly evolving field which means that there will always be a new thing to learn. Do not limit yourself by thinking you know everything related to this field. I do not know everything and I am glad because it always keeps me open to new information and possibilities.

Most people I know in this field, including myself do not make much money. You will have to deal with that reality for now. I have another job that supplies me income and I do the paranormal work in my off time.  

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Ashad Gupat


Questions I specialize in are related to demonology, parapsychology, hauntings, ufo phenomena, and general strangeness.


I am well versed in paranormal phenomena. I specialize in demonology, but I have extensive knowledge in the realm of ghosts and hauntings, as well as ufo phenomena. I am an active investigator and have solved many paranormal problems for people.

Studied at the Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics, Sundust Oracle Insitute, and am certified with the International Association of St. John of the Cross in Catholic Demonology

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