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Paranormal Phenomena/please could you answer some questions for my english paper?


1) what experience have you had?
2) which experience has effected you the most?
3) what do you believe causes hauntings?
4) what is an exorcism?
5) has anyone died from an exorcism?
6) what causes demons to take control of a human body?
7) is it true that you should not speak a demons name? if so why?
8) how much does it cost to get an investigation if you have a problem?
9) can a demon take full control of the human body?
10) is there any other helpful info. you could provide me with?

Hi Miranda,

I will answer your questions briefly. Reason: there is no better way of finding out information that actually doing the research oneself.

1- If you are inquiring about my experience in general please refer to my bio on the AllExperts web site.
If you are referring to experiences that one might consider "paranormal" there is nothing that I have experienced that is not circumstantial and/or subjective. That is the very nature of the unknown in regards to life after life.
During investigations I have heard things that I, nor anyone present could find a logical explanation for. We have also recorded voices that were not heard by anyone present, for example a child talking. These are known as RAPs {Recorded Audio Phenomena] and it's sub-category, RVP's [Recorded Voice Phenomena, also known as the outdated term of EVP].
I have felt tactile sensations such as having my whole body go numb during a scrying experiment in a haunted location [actually the sensation is ineffable].
I have seen full body apparitions twice. However 95% of what I have encountered has a rational explanation.

2- The single experience that affected me the most is the one that lead me to follow the fields of paranormal research, parapsychology and parascience studies. I saw a ghost at the age of seven. That experience and the circumstances surrounding it is the one thing that keeps me exploring despite the total lack of hard evidence of the survival of human consciousness after physical life. I will not go further into details here.

3- Hauntings are caused by a number of reasons but they all have a common thread. The soul of a deceased person, for whatever their personal reason or agenda has not crossed over into the light and they become trapped between realms of existence. Therefore hauntings, by definition are caused by beings capable of conscious, "intelligent"* interaction with the "living" although many will not necessarily interact. Therefore, by definition, a 'residual haunting' can not be a haunting and should properly be refereed to an "residual phenomena' as no interaction is possible.
*Note: The "intelligence" level of the ghost will be the same as it was when the person was alive. One does not become Einstein just because their heart has stopped beating. Of course, Einstein probably had the intelligence to go into the light;)

4- An exorcism is when a third party becomes involved in casting out a demonic entity or presence form someone who has become "possessed". Different cultures and religions have their own methods and ceremonies. This is an area where you should be doing your own research as whole books have been written on the subject and to properly explain this I would have to write a whole book.

5- In general, the person who is being possessed allows the demon to take the body over. Simple put one invites trouble to show up, when it shows up one opens the door to it and says, "Come on in, mi casa su casa..." The trouble comes in and overstays it's welcome, eventually kicking the person out of their personal space and takes over residency. It usually ends by destroying the place and then moves on to someone else. I have to make it clear here that I believe that true demonic possession is very rare regardless of how many come to light.

6- Yes, unfortunately people have died, and churches have been in trouble over blotched exorcisms, being charged with criminal negligence among other charges. Again, an easily searchable topic. There are logical reasons as to why a person becomes possessed. I use a term "pseudo-possession" to describe them.

7- I'm going to go with the Christian definition of a demon in general and a Catholic one in particular in this answer. One of the hardest parts of an exorcism is getting the demon to reveal it's true name. Therefore by default, it is difficult to speak its name if it is not known. If one is susceptible to believing in demonic possession then asking for trouble, by name, won't help. For some, the feeble minded or the gullible I imagine that there is some truth, for them anyway, in the expression, "Speak of the Devil...'.

8- If this is truly for an English assignment you may want to learn how to properly phrase a question. In essence your question is asking how much it would cost me to investigate my own problem. I would charge myself the same as I would charge everyone else - nothing. However that is me. Most, but not all, investigators have a no charge policy.

9- Back to demons. Yes. This is known as complete or total possession. It is at this point that the possessed has given up any self that still exists to the possessing force. In most cases death follows [in the event of a rare, actual possession].

10- ?

I hope that this has in some way helped. You may wish to visit the following links for more information on

My Experiences:


Take care and best of luck on your assignment.

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