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QUESTION: am i possessed or just paranoid?
. a few days ago i started to feel like i was being possessed. i dont feel diffrent or act diffrent. i just feel scared sometimes. and i just keep thinking that i am possessed.

do possessed people know that they are possessed?
am i possessed?
what are some signs of possession?
how do possessed people act like?
is it true that possessed people wouldent be on yahooo answer asking if they are possessed because the thing that is possing you doesnt want you to get help?
Would I be still chilling with friends?
Would I be clean the yard?
Do you think I'm possessed?
How do people become possessed?


ANSWER: Hello Jag,

 It's nice to hear from British Columbia, I think that we are getting some of your warm weather here in Alberta.

 Instead of answering all of your questions individually, I will answer in general and in the content they all should be explained in one way or another. I wish it to be known that in most cases "possession" has nothing to do with evil entities. There are also physiological and psychological/ psychiatric conditions that exist that mimic symptoms found in possessions. Let me state that the majority of "possessions" are in fact symptoms of a physical or the actions of a mental illness. As a mater of fact, the Catholic Church insists that a psychiatric examination of any supposed possessed person be performed before an exorcism is permitted. This is to rule out the obvious. I will continue to address those rare cases that may be actual possession.  

 To begin with possession by an overbearing malicious entity is a process, not an event. That is to say that it occurs over time, not suddenly. One does not wake up one day possessed by evil - by love maybe, by an entity that has decided to make your being a new residence - no. Possession is like a cancer in that it starts small and grows. People do not go to bed perfectly health one night and die of full blown cancer the next morning. Possession works the same way - silently and slowly. I will say that certain religions and some occult practices will attest to the Holy Spirit [what ever their particular idea of what a spirit, or "holy" is] taking over a practitioner suddenly in ecstasy. I will not address that issue here.

 In general possessed people do not immediately know, at least at the onset, that they are in the process of being possessed. Evil rarely wants it intentions known until it is too late. Bank robbers do not as a rule announce to the bankers that they plan on robbing them. At the onset people go about their usual routine, see the same people, eat the same foods... there is nothing extraordinary to indicate that a possession is taking place. There are no signs, either viable or invisible at this time. A dark foreboding cloud does not hang over the bank just because someone is planning a robbery. {Of course there will always be a "psychic" who will claim, "I knew it was going to happen - I saw it in my Cornflakes!"]

 As the possession develops friends and family are more likely to be the ones who notice the changes in the victim first. [Let me interject for a moment to say that the victim may also notice changes, but less directly. They may say things like, "I don't feel myself lately.", or, "The way I acted just wasn't me." However, nothing is noticed until the possession has been firmly established, and again, that takes time.] People that you deal with most often, and are therefore most familiar with you will notice changes in your personality and possible your appearance. [Therefore asking me, any other expert or anyone else who is unfamiliar with you if you are possessed is useless. There is absolutely no way of knowing the changes in you unless we know you personally and well.] It is obvious that possessed people therefore act "normal" [what ever that is for that particular person] until a gradual change in personality comes through. Bear in mind that this is the norm, not gospel of a possession. They follow a general pattern, not a specific rule.

 So what causes a possession. Bewitched food! Okay, not likely, but that was one medieval thought, that you ingested the devil. How about a sneeze? - the reason behind  people
having God bless you - to ward off the evil.

 Seriously, according to the Catholic Church there is a certain order to a possession [the reason that I am using the Catholic Church is because they are the most "organized" and established when dealing with possessions in the Christian world. You could say that they wrote the book on the subject, referring to the Roman Rituals. Needless to say that other belief systems have their own ways of expelling evil or demons.] First is the entry point of the entity and the allowance of the possession. This means that one asked for the trouble to begin, by renouncing God, or making a pact with the devil, or opening the doors to the other side, etc. and then willfully allowing the evil to enter the individual. Secondly is a stage described as 'erroneous judgment' which is basically allowing the entity freedom of your facilities via a series of bad decisions. Stage three is yielding to the entity. In otherwords allowing him control, in stages, of you self. You have invited him in in stage one and by stage three you have said, "Make yourself at home. Mi casa su casa!" In a perfect possession the entity takes over completely, you are merely a vessel for the entity. Death usually follows. Possession happens faster and more completely at the end of stage two, the slow process has hastened.

 I could mention the all of the signs of possession but they vary according to beliefs. In the Christian religion, for example the aversion of anything holy is usually a sign. Fear and repulsion of icons such as the Bible, a cross or holy water indicates possession. One must make certain however that the victim is not acting or reacting out of expectations. For example a person who was told that a vial of water is holy water and goes ape when it is sprinkled on him when in fact it was tap water in the vial is acting, not reacting, out of psychological, not religious influences. If you need more details on the signs, I will be happy to provide them. I'll need to know your belief system as the signs vary between religions, and cultures.

 Jag, to be honest, possessions are rare. They are also silent at the onset; so given the information that you supplied I do not think that you are possessed by any evil entity rank on taking over your person. I firmly believe that the majority of possessions are caused by the individual themselves, akin to 'you are what you think'. If one, such as yourself plants the seed that you are possessed, and then dwells on it and nurtures the idea, you will grow a "procession". Whatever you plant in your mind makes its way to the subconscious and the subconscious does not take a joke - it accepts everything as fact rather like the memory of a computer. Now if you dwell on the subject it will take a further hold and you will create the conditions for the thoughts to come "true". That is the point behind affirmations and learning in ones sleep by repeating a lesson audibly while one sleeps. It is proven that children who were repeatedly told that they were good for nothing while they were growing up usually became neer-do-wells when they grew up. The seed that was planted blossomed. So if you dwell on being possessed, you will create a pseudo-possession. What ever it is that is causing your immediate fears will pass. My best advice for now is to leave this alone. Unless you have done something that has invited trouble, do not go along making mountains out of mole hills. On a lesser note, but something that I want to bring up is that some "possessions" are the result of a split personality where an alter tries to gain the forefront of the person. This is a psychiatric condition and nothing that you should concern yourself unless you or your doctor feels otherwise. I mention it only because as an Expert, I should address all possibilities.

As for people seeking intelligent answers on 'Yahoo answers'... I'm not going there!

I hope that this has shed some light on your concerns. If I can be of any more service, let me know, I'm here to help.

Take care,

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QUESTION: The only reason I think I am possessed is because I was watching this Indian show called fear files and one of the kids go possessed and couple days later I said something and it sounded like how that kid sounded when he was possessed and ever since then I think I am possessed.

I have been feeling the same. It doesn't feel like someone else is controlling me. I don't know how to get this thing out of my mind.

Do you think I am poessessed? Can you ask me some question to see if I  possessed?


I need more information.

What are your beliefs? That is what faith, if any do you follow?

Where did you find this program? It would help if I could watch it and may be able to find it on line. What is the exact title or episode number as there are quite a few?

What is your age and sex? I can not tell from the name that you supplies.

Are you currently on, or going off of any medications? Do you use recreational drugs?

When you say Indian, are you referring to India or North American native peoples? If so what tribe?

I look forward to your reply as a "Follow Up".


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am east Indian I belive in Sikhism I am 18 years old, I found it on tv my parents were watching it an I don't know what episode it was.

Hi Jag,

 I found the program on Youtube. Unfortunately, I did not understand a single word as I believe it was in Hindi. However, that was not important as the general atmosphere of the program was what I would call "Hollywood". Although the stories may be based loosely on facts, the story is glamorized and embellished. Lots of scary music and eerie scenes. The show is meant as entertainment, not as a documentary.

 The last thing I would do is base any feeling that you may have of feeling possessed using the show as an accurate indication of the truth. Jag, you are neither possessed nor paranoid - just impressionable. I honestly feel that this is all in your head, and you are letting your imagination get the better of you. Incidentally, I would advise you not to watch any more episodes, at least not for a long while.

 Your belief is rich in guardians, so you should put faith in them and believe that they will protect you. As the Archangel Michael plays a different role in the Islamic religion I will leave it up to you to decide whom to ask for protection from evil sources. You may wish to ask an elder in your religion for advice regarding that. Meanwhile remember this, “For each person, there are angels in succession, before and behind him. They guard him by the Command of Allah [God],” (Al Ra’d 13:11).

You may also wish to check out this web site

 Jag, again, it is my opinion that there is nothing attempting to possess you except your imagination. You are young and have an inquisitive mind. A mind that seeks answers is a precious commodity. Never let that go.

Take care,

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