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am i possessed or just paranoid? 
a few days ago i started to feel like i was being possessed. i dont feel diffrent or act different. i just feel scared sometimes. and i just keep thinking that i am possessed.

do possessed people know that they are possessed? 
am i possessed? 
what are some signs of possession? 
how do possessed people act like? 
is it true that possessed people wouldent be on looking around for answer asking if they are possessed?
I I was possessed would I be still hanging around my friends?
Would i be still cleaning the yard?
And going to work?
Cause today I went to work hung around my friends and cleaned my yard. 
How can I tell if I am possessed?


Dear Jaswinder,
     I am very sorry to here that you are having some troubles. I feel more like you are just upset inside, may be something that your not aware of yourself. Feeling scared doesn't really count as a haunted or possessed sign. Please don;t think you are possessed because there must be a reason to happen that. or need to invite a spirit into your body and mind.

Now let me answer your questions.
    1) do possessed people know that they are possessed?
         In the beginning stage it is very hard for the person to realize, even though they feel something strange. They feel more like someone is watching them. They feel like they are loosing their power, they change their daily schedules. it is more like you are changing to a different person. Once you are in the last stage you are absolutely understand but you will only have 25%of control oven the attacking spirit, so the attacking spirit will over take the existing spirit. at this stage you need someone well experienced to help or. sometimes person can die or become mentally ill.  

2)am i possessed?
         NO, absolutely not. From your writing i feel more like your some unknown feeling of your own is bothering your mind. If you can sit yourself and Liston to your heart it will open the door for you. God is always with us.

3) what are some signs of possession?
         They stay away from spiritual places. Loss of strength. You don't feel like yourself. Psychological changes. Cutting your own body and enjoying pain. Hurting others. there are lot more signs. even if you find all these sings still you can not conclude it is a spirit attack because it can be psychological disorder. so it is necessary to check with a psychiatric to rule out all medical conditions. Then it can be identified by a spirit or energy worker.

4)how do possessed people act like?
       Believe it or not they act normal in public and with family. There is a reason for every attack, so only that reason can describe how they behave or when they act up. only in the final stage they may be become completely different.

5) is it true that possessed people wouldent be on looking around for answer asking if they are possessed?
    Also it is depends on the reason why it is happening. Even though with my experience it is possible for the person to ask around if she or he is possessed because they feel like they are becoming someone else. I was possessed would I be still hanging around my friends?

4)Would i be still cleaning the yard?
     again you are not possessed. Now, in general they continue their usual habits or their works till they reach to the last stage.
And going to work?

5)How can I tell if I am possessed?
    Again your are not under attack. Like i said before it very hard to find that in the early stage. but one thing as long as you keep your prayers to God you will be fine. as long as you are against evil you are protected. Evil spirits are always trying to attack human but we are all protected my God. our sins are destroying our shield protection and opening a door for evil to get to our heart. Always do good for others, believe in God.

         if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at any time.
         God bless you
         Mathew, S  

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