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QUESTION: How does possession happen?
What are some signs of possession?

ANSWER: Hello Jas,

Are you also Jag?  I have pulled your question out of our question pool where whomever you sent it to dropped it without answering it.

Possession happens when an outside entity tries to take over the mind, will and body of a living human beings.  It's usually a huge power struggle, unless the person is very weak willed, usually because they abuse their body with drugs and alcohol, or have had their will beaten down by other people during their lives.  It does not happen very often.  Most cases of possession are really psychological illnesses.

I answered the 'signs of possession' question for you the other day .. you are not possessed.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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QUESTION: Can you tell me more ways how people get possessed? Say if someone smoked weed once can they be possessed. I haven't done that but I know someone that has.

ANSWER: 'Weed' is the general name of Marijuana .. what that does, when you smoke it regularly, is literally burn holes in your brain, usually in the parts where your intelligence and commonsense are housed.  It weakens your body, turns your auric field into a net, instead of it being a solid bubble of energy around you, and leaves you vulnerable to unseen entities trying to invade your aura and interfere in your life.  If it happens the first time you smoke the stuff, you are very unlucky, unless, of course, you are also abusing your body with other drugs and alcohol at the same time, or your friend is.

Possession is, as I said, when a powerful, negative, entity tries to take over the mind, will and body of a living person.  We have to make ourselves vulnerable to the attack first, though the dark will pick people to harass, in hopes of wearing them down.  That's how they get possessed.

Stay away from weed, and tell your friend to too.  It's addictive, destructive and ends up turning the person into a vegetable with no signs of intelligence at all.  And no, I am not joking.  It's better not to start an addiction than try and break one.

Love & Peace

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QUESTION: Say if I did it 3 years ago and now I started to get this feeling could something entered me? And this all started happened when I watched a show whic showed people that were possessed and few days after I started gettin a wired feeling. I haven't smoked that nasty thing after that one day

After three years its unlikely to be the weed, smoked only once, that allowed the problem.

If it happened when you watched a show that showed possessed people, it might just be your imagination working overtime.  

What sort of weird feeling?  And if you were truly possessed, rather than have a spook walk through you .. which can happen .. you would be showing symptoms by now .. like total paranoia, hearing voices in your mind saying truly nasty things to you, and arguing with you, wanting to self harm, or harm others, hating everyone and most particularly yourself .. are you doing any of this?

Love & Peace

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