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hi my name is thomas i am from illinois and am doing a research paper for school and i was wondering if you could give me some facts and some knowledge on ghosts or paranormal phenomenas in general it would really help out alot and if you have had any experience or encounter with a paranormal entity at all could you tell me about it. thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Greetings Thomas,

It is a pleasure to hear from you. Well, this is a strange subject to be writing a report on. Does is have to be about this subject or did you choose? If you did choose, it's nice to see someone of your age taking an interest!

Right Tom (I hope it's okay to call you Tom), I can't really give you facts on Ghosts as there are too many different theories and beliefs however, I can tell you about my own personal knowledge based on my own personal experiences and independent research.

You should know that the term 'Paranormal' is used to describe the general field of unexplained phenomenon which includes UFO's, Ghost's, The Occult, Cryptzoology etc. I am a Spiritual Phenomena Specialist meaning that I only work with and study 'Ghosts'.

I'm not sure exactly what it is you need or want to know but I'll start by telling you about my first Spiritual Experience which is the reason for me pursuing an interest in my work.

I had recently moved into a new house with my mum an dad and it was about 3am one morning when I was 10 years old that it began. I was just waking up to get ready to go to school myself when I sat up and began rubbing my eyes and stretching. As my vision adjusted, I saw something white run out of my bedroom door and assumed that it was my dog who must have been sleeping under my bed.

I sat down for breakfast and noticed that I hadn't seen my dad or my dog since I got up. I asked my mum where they were and she said that they went for a walk down to the shops about an hour ago. It was strange because I only got up half an hour ago, so if my dad and dog had been gone an hour, what was that I saw run out of my room? Could it have been my sleepy vision?

I didn't think anymore about it, that was until I got to school where I told my friends about it. From then on, I was known as "Ghost Boy". I never took it to heart though, they were just kidding around and I laughed along with them as I tried to make sense of it but couldn't explain it. It was easier to just put it behind me and forget about it. "It's probably nothing" I said to myself.

Nothing else had happened for a few days until I was taking a shower one Saturday morning when I was rushing to get ready for a day out with my friends. On a shelf opposite the shower was a mirror which was steamed up. After I got out of the shower, I was about to spike up my hair with gel so I got a towel and wiped the steam off of the mirror. "Ahhhhh!" I screamed as I saw a woman in a black dress and black hat standing behind me looking right at me in the mirror. I turned around really quickly but there was know one there. I looked back into the mirror and she had completely vanished.

Lots of other things happened to me at that house but my parents didn't believe me, in-fact they thought I was crazy and tried to get me to see a counselor but I knew that I wasn't crazy, so I refused to go. That was until they too began seeing the same lady in mirrors and windows all around the house.

We moved from there a month later and never went back but that experience was the reason for me becoming interested in my field of work and ultimately resulted in becoming a very well-known independent professional within the UK.

Over the years, because of the work that I do, I have been exposed to Spirit Entities and Energies so have seen many things from Orbs to Full Apparitions as well as being pushed down stairs by an 'unknown' force and have experienced both physical and psychological phenomena.

So you want to know more about Ghosts?! Well, firstly I use the term 'Spirit Entity' but only because I think it's more professional. Most professionals use these alternative terms instead.
There is much to know about this subject, more than I could possibly put into a single email but I will tell you about the main things that I think would probably help you with your report.

The best way I can define a Spirit Entity is thus: When our Physical Bodies pass away, some how (we're not sure exactly why), our Soul which is what defines us as a person (if you imagine our soul as the real us and our body as a mere machine that our soul drives) lives on in the form of 'Residual Energy'.

Peoples Souls or 'Residual Energies' can sometimes cause effects on our environment. We have the ability to see, hear, feel or smell phenomena caused by Residual Energies.

However, a Residual Energy is not a Spirit Entity or 'Ghost'. A Spirit Entity or 'Ghost' is when the phenomenon is intelligent and when the phenomena becomes much more physical which is what we refer to as a 'Haunting'. For example: we would see objects moving seemingly on their own, full apparitions (like the lady I saw in my mirror) and much more.

I think of these 'Spirit Entities' as either lost or misguided Souls. They make themselves known to us by causing their phenomena and usually it is just to get our attention to let us know that they are there. Other times they might be seeking help or may be trying to tell a story.

Most people regard Spirit Entities as a scary, evil 'thing' but don't understand the reason as to why they are there and why they are doing what they do.

There are such things as Negative Spirits but you can easily tell a Positive Spirit (of light/good) from a Negative Spirit (of dark/bad) by the feel and type of phenomena that they cause. If you were experiencing phenomena caused by a negative spirit entity, you would definitely know about it. Trust me!

It is understood and is my personal belief that if someone passes away suddenly (like a flash), they sometimes don't realise that they had died and need to be shown the way to the light.

If someone passes away, sometimes they don't want to move into the light through choice and they might want to look over and protect their family.

If someone was to unfortunately be a victim of a horrific, slow or painful death such as being murdered, they might remain here in Spirit form as they wish to seek vengeance.

Well, there is lots of information there Tom and I hope that it helps you. It was a pleasure to hear from you and I wish you the very best of luck with your research paper.

Thank you for choosing me on!  

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